Watch Bilibili Outside of China with a VPN

watch Bilibili outside of China

China is considered one of the most challenging countries to enjoy international entertainment options online. However, the fact that people can’t access many of the best foreign video sharing sites doesn’t mean that local talent is lacking or non-existent. To the contrary, there are more than a few options for users in the nation to choose. In this piece, you will learn how to watch Bilibili outside of China thanks to a VPN, defeating any geo-blocking measures you can encounter on the way.

How to watch Bilibili outside China

Bilibili, often nicknamed as the B site, is one of China’s preferred video sharing websites, covering mostly cartoons, anime, comic, and gaming. Similar to other platforms, users can comment on different videos, as well as uploading clips (although registration is required for it.)

The Bilibili interface implements Adobe Flash or HTML5 player to reproduce content submitted by the user community. The videos can be hosted by the page or by third-party sources. On top of all the offerings, Bilibili features real-time subtitles to enhance the user experience.

Bilibili has a sizable fan base, and that has caused the site to diversify its catalog of options to a more broader audience: besides anime and cartoons, the platform has been adding other genres and fields, such as music, technology, dancing, science, movies, drama, daily life, and other entertainment choices.

The Bilibili site also provides the chance of watching live streaming, where audiences can interact with people offering the feed through various methods. The most common themes are gaming strategy and anime.

Now that we mention games, Bilibili also provides the opportunity to play some titles, which are mostly ACG (animation, comic, and game) themed mobile titles. Bilibili is the renewed version of, and it was baptized as Bilibili in 2010.

(Wuhu) Sharejoy Network Technology Co.Ltd

  • Fate/Grand Order
  • Azur Lane
  • 神代梦华谭 (Bible Bullet)
  • ICHU偶像进行曲 (I-Chu (ja))
  • 幻游猎人 (Fantasy Hunter Story)

Bilibili HK Limited

  • 100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams

Shanghai Hode Information Technology

  • 方舟指令 (Ark Order)

The challenges of geo-restrictions

Most sites, save by a few notable exceptions, are meant to be watched, used or enjoyed by local audiences, and all licensing and copyrights agreement are made to fulfill that condition. That is why these web pages have a way to recognize their visitors’ location, and it is by seeing their IP address. If the number comes from within the country, they will grant access, but if the connection request comes from abroad, then the chances are that the platform will show a message telling the user that the content it intends to see is restricted because of its geographical location.

While the Bilibili site is known for showing its content in several countries, you may not always encounter this issue. However, if you experience any blocks or restrictions, a VPN app will be enough to overcome them.

Watch Bilibili outside of China with a VPN

If you want to be able to watch Bilibili outside of China anytime you want, you should consider hiding your real IP address and obtaining a Chinese one, just in case. That way, the system will think you are in China and grant access with no issues.

To acquire a Chinese IP for temporary use, or just to find security and privacy while you share videos online in Bilibili, implementing a VPN app is recommended. VPN means Virtual Private Networks, and they are online encryption apps that use protocols to create a virtual tunnel for the customer’s information to safely travel to remote servers (avoiding those managed by data-logging Internet Service Providers,) away from hackers, cybercriminals, governmental surveillance, advertisers, e-commerce sites, and geo-blocking.

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Watch Bilibili Outside of China with a VPN

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Watch Bilibili Outside of China with a VPN

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Watch Bilibili Outside of China with a VPN

These services offer privacy and security via anonymous browsing. No one will be able to see what you visit, for how long, or what you share online. Also, VPNs allow you to change your location by acquiring the IP address of another country, thus unblocking the pages and streaming platforms of that specific nation.

VPN technology comes in the form of free or paid apps. The former comes with the bonus that they don’t require any payment, but they make their money by selling your data to third-parties, showing ads, and not safely encrypting your content.

Paid VPN options are the most widely recommended in the industry, and among them, TorGuard is among the best. It is a responsible, well-known brand famous for protecting their customers’ content and online identity with the best encryption practices available (AES 256-bit,) excellent protocol availability (including OpenVPN,) and a strict no logging policy to protect the users’ online sessions.

TorGuard is a perfect option to watch Bilibili outside of China because it will maintain your streaming speeds while offering a secure channel, fending off hackers, malware developers, and other threats. It allows the connection of five simultaneous devices, and it has a live chat feature for all your inquiries.

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How to watch Bilibili outside of China with a VPN

  • Pick a reliable VPN provider
  • Go to its website
  • Sign up for the service after you pick your preferred plan
  • Create a username and a password
  • Download the VPN client or app to your device
  • Sign in to your VPN account
  • Connect to a server located in China
  • Done! Now you will be able to watch Bilibili outside of China

In conclusion, Bilibili is now one of the most popular videos sharing platforms in China, a country that loves cartoons and anime but that also enjoys music and other entertainment forms. To watch Bilibili from outside of China, hire the services of a VPN provider.

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