What’s the Best BitTorrent Client to Use with a VPN or Proxy?

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When it comes to using BitTorrent, you need to get a quality VPN or proxy setup ready. This is so you can get on BitTorrent without worrying about being blocked from any torrent site you try to reach through BitTorrent. If you’re looking for the best VPN to use for torrenting, check out these VPNs. Although I would recommend TorGuard the most since it has the fastest speeds.

What’s the Best BitTorrent Client to Use with a VPN or Proxy? What’s the Best BitTorrent Client to Use with a VPN or Proxy?
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qBittorrent is the best option for a client for you to choose. This is an effective option that helps you download torrents without using as much CPU or memory.

Key Features of qBittorrent

qBitorrent works by providing you with clear information on what torrents you are downloading. It lets you sort through files and helps you choose what you want to download out of a torrent with ease. You can also get full control over how it will be saved. It does not work with lots of memory or CPU power either.

There are some great features to look at when seeing how advantageous qBitorrent can be for your needs:

  • A search engine and media player are both incorporated into the program.
  • This encrypts all torrent information to help manage data that you sent to others through a torrent.
  • IP filtering is also included so you can get access to addresses that you know are trustworthy.
  • Files on torrents can be prioritized. This means that individual files can be downloaded sooner than others.
  • This is an open source program. As a result, you can develop new features on your program if you have the coding knowledge for doing so. This is also regularly updated thanks to the extensive qBitorrent community.
  • Since it is an open source program, it is free and does not come with any ads. You don’t have to pay extra for any extensions either.

This can work well over a VPN. IT can also be used with a proxy server.

How to Set Up a Proxy with qBittorrent

While a VPN can help you stay secure when using qBittorrent, it may be better for you to use a proxy. A proxy will hide your information and also keep you free from viruses and other common threats.

There are a few steps you must complete to get a proxy ready:

  1. Start by getting a license to use a proxy. You must look online to find a proxy service that works with the program.
  2. After this, go to the connection settings on qBittorrent and check on the option to use a proxy for peer connections.
  3. Enter the appropriate proxy type and port. This will vary based on who your proxy is from. Make sure you check on the port carefully as some ISPs may block what you want to use.
  4. Enter in the proxy credentials you have for access.
  5. After you save your credentials, you can use a fake tracker that shows your IP. This should reveal that you are using a fake IP or are on a proper VPN.

qBIttorrent will work well for when you are aiming torrents with ease. A VPN and proxy will do even better towards helping you to get the most out of whatever you are interested in downloading.

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