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Ali is a freelance journalist with 5 years of experience in web journalism and marketing. He contributes to various online publications. With a master degree, now he combines his passions for writing about internet security and technology. When he is not working, he loves traveling and playing games.

Unblock ESPN outside USA

ESPN, the so-called “Worldwide Leader in Sports,” has seen its popularity grow exponentially among sports fans for the last decade. The group of channels is responsible for accountable coverage of some of the major tournaments in the planet, combining them with debate and analysis shows from all the major disciplines. This sports broadcast system has its headquarters in Bristol, Connec...[Read More]

Change iTunes App Store Region To USA 1

There is nothing like synchronizing the music you love with all your devices from the same brand. Organize it, share it, and listen to it. All day, every day. The widely popular iTunes is one of the wonders of our time when it comes to entertainment and leisure. The App Store contains the catalog of apps, features, and games of Apple, and depending on what region or location you are, it will offer...[Read More]

Unblock NBA Sports Live Extra Outside US 1

NBC is clearly among the channels with the most loyal fan base in the United States. Their sports subsidiary, NBC Sports Live Extra, is widely acclaimed because of its large coverage of live events and its entertaining shows, recaps, and analyses. Imagine you watch NBC Sports Live Extra every day, religiously. There is a show you especially enjoy, but you are traveling to Spain for three months be...[Read More]

Change Google Play Store Region

Imagine you have a favorite app, one that you really want to have on your phone. However, you lived in Spain and said the app is not available in your country but can be downloaded in the United Kingdom and Germany. Does that mean that you have to relocate to one of those nations to be able to enjoy your preferred feature? Luckily, the answer is no. Not at all. You have the possibility to change G...[Read More]

Best VPNs for Pakistan

If you live in Pakistan or you’re just visiting the area for any reason, then you might have grown tired of all the restraints they put on internet usage. Pakistan was deemed as a country that is ‘not free’ by the Freedom on the Net report on 2016, which isn’t surprising given the country’s record for heavy usage restrictions and the arrest of bloggers for more than questionable reasons. To make t...[Read More]

Unblock American Channels on Roku 1

The Internet allows users to enjoy shows, movies, and series via online streaming, just as if they were watching TV in the cozy living rooms and bedrooms of their homes. One of the most popular devices for such use is Roku. There is one problem, though: the system only works in the United States of America territory. But does this mean that people in other countries cannot reap the benefits of hav...[Read More]

Star Sports Live outside India

Star Sports is a well-known group of channels in India and East Asia. There are seven channels in standard definition and five in high definition, giving the online community in the area many options to watch football – specifically the English Premier League, the Bundesliga, La Liga, the FA Cup, the Italian Serie A and the Indian professional leagues. The chain also broadcasts other sports such a...[Read More]

Avoid Location Tracking

Location services certainly represent a very useful asset for mobile device users. Internet giant Google takes advantage of them and offers advertising alternatives according to the most popular goods or products consumed or acquired in the area, and Google Maps is a highly efficient tool for those who want to move around town and visit several places. However, there is a fine line between useful ...[Read More]

Split Tunnel VPN Traffic (2)

If you are a VPN user, then you are most likely very concerned about your privacy. It is true that VPNs are pretty much the best tool you can use to protect yourself from surveillance and tracking while surfing the web. However, if you’ve had enough experience, then you must also know that being connected to a VPN all the time has its downsides. Connecting to a VPN server means increasing the dist...[Read More]

Saudi Arabian Government Announces Lifting Bans On VOIPs

The Saudi Arabian government recently announced that it intends to end bans on popular apps which allows the user to make VOIP calls via the internet. This ban has been in place since 2013 and affected not only Saudi Arabia but also several other neighboring Gulf States. The bans were put in place after the Arab Spring protests were people protested autocratic regimes in the country. Protests were...[Read More]

Bypass Bandwidth Throttling

Net neutrality is the principle of treating all data on the internet equally. It exists with the purpose of preventing ISPs and governments from controlling or regulating the speed of transmission of determined content in order to benefit others from it. Essentially, what net neutrality mainly tries to prevent is bandwidth throttling. Bandwidth throttling can happen for a number of reasons. For in...[Read More]

Watch Foxtel outside Australia

If you reside in Australia, then it is likely that you are a Foxtel customer. It is important to note that lots of Australians are in love with Foxtel and this is due to the fact that it helps them catch –up with TV shows and movies. Viewers automatically love anything that has to do with entertainment. An Australian residence will definitely feel the chills when it comes to AFL in a foreign count...[Read More]

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