How to Hack Netflix – Brand New Tips and Tricks!

Netflix is getting better and better, partly thanks to billions of dollars spent on original content that can’t be viewed anywhere else (unless you want to use Popcorn Time or Torrenting). The website has great shows like Luke Cage and now the Defenders, new shoes like Ozarks which attempts to be another breaking bad–and even brand new original movies. Suffice to say, it’s probably the best ...[Read More]

What is the Best Torrent VPN Service for Pakistan?

If you live in Pakistan, or often travel to this country, then you are probably more than aware of its online limitations. This includes more than 1,000 websites, as well as almost half of torrenting websites on the entire internet. Apart from those sites, the country also blocks YouTube, PayPal, WordPress, as well as websites for adults. That makes it difficult to access a lot of things online. I...[Read More]

Was GoDaddy and Cloudflare Right to “Censor” the Alt-right DailyStormer?

There has been a tremendous amount of outrage and unrest following the white supremacist and neo-Nazi violent protests in Virginia. Now, things are getting “virtual”, and while it may be easy to condone alt-right individuals, it’s harder to draw the line when “censorship” is involved. As we’ve seen with countries like China, Russia, and other middle-eastern countries, sometimes a “good” agenda mea...[Read More]

Is the Popcorn Time VPN Good?

Popcorn Time is one of the best ways to stream torrent files. Most of the Popcorn Time Alternatives out there just plain suck. In fact, some like actually install malware and other applications if you are not careful. So while using Popcorn Time, there are a few things to watch out for. Popcorn Time  tries to get you to install and pay for a VPN in order to protect your privacy from copyr...[Read More]

How to Watch the US Open Live from Anywhere in the World

The US Open Tennis Championship is almost upon us, with the beginning set to be on August 28th. This is the fourth Grand Slam of this year, and it is set at Flushing Meadows, NY, USA. Of course, the fans around the world can barely wait for the games to start, and excitement is ever-growing. Naturally, several streaming channels will broadcast the US Open in multiple countries around the world. Th...[Read More]

Here’s How to Torrent Safely in India

In this guide, we will discuss how you can unblock torrenting websites from India, and also how to safely download torrents in this country. As a part of the learning process, we will also explain how to hide your IP address. Another thing that you must know is how to encrypt your online traffic, and hide your actions from your ISP. Also, we will discuss these next topics: Is it illegal to downloa...[Read More]

What are the Best Alternatives to Popcorn Time?

Popcorn Time is one of the best ways to watch movies conveniently. The app works like a P2P software streamer, letting you stream movie torrent files directly instead of having to download them into a BitTorrent app and then watch it. It’s sort of like Netflix for torrenters. Simply download the software, click on a movie you want to watch, and it’ll start streaming the torrent file. As with all P...[Read More]

The Danger of Bitcoin: How to Protect Yourself

For years now, the value of cryptocurrencies is on a constant rise. The so-called digital gold rush is infecting everyone, and many saw an opportunity to make a lot of money quickly. However, there are also those who lost everything this way. It is important to remember that losing everything is an equally possible option, which is why you must stay vigilant. Knowing what to do, when to do it, and...[Read More]

How to Watch 2017 Women’s Rugby World Cup from Anywhere in the World

The time of the Women’s Rugby World Cup’s fans has finally arrived, and the games of 2017 have already started. As many already know, the Cup is taking place in Ireland. The games have started on August 9th, and they will last for about a week more, until August 26th. The fans from the UK are watching the games right now on their IT, and the excitement is as high as always. However, th...[Read More]

How to Hide your Android Torrent via SOCKS Proxy

If you are looking for a way to use torrent on your Android device safely, then you have come to the right place. Proxies are very helpful when it comes to this. They are fast, and they will hide your Android’s IP address. SOCKS5 Proxy is especially good, and it even allows you to send your torrent traffic and your regular traffic separately. In this guide, we will concentrate on explaining ...[Read More]

How to Watch Ballers Season 3 Outside of USA

The popular TV show ‘Ballers’ is back, and its third season has had fans around the world excited for every new episode. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has returned, and this HBO show is leaving fans out of breath with every new episode once again. The premiere of the new season was on July 23rd, and it is available on HBO Now and HBO GO, just like every other episode that came ...[Read More]

Learn How You Can Watch All 5 Seasons of Wentworth Online for Free

Wentworth has been a popular show ever since it first aired in 2013. The Australian TV series has been a huge hit with fans and critics all over the world. The show’s popularity has been so immense that it has been sold to over 90 countries. The show is aired in all the major locations of the world and has a growing fan base. You can learn how to watch all 5 seasons of Wentworth online for free. W...[Read More]

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