Here’s How to Access Netflix from Other Countries

For several years now, online streaming is the best and most heavily sought-after entertainment routine. People in every corner of the world are continually looking for leisure and relax by watching their favorite TV show, Hollywood’s latest movies, the hottest series, inspiring documentaries about almost any subject, and more. One of the most complete and famous online libraries is Netflix....[Read More]

Best Anonymous browser for Android

As all modern operative systems do, Android devices allow you to browse the web either via a Wi-Fi (wireless) connection or a data plan with a phone service. The possibilities are endless: a few years ago, the majority of phones only had calls and Short Message Service, or SMS. Now, you can do all kinds of things online thanks, in significant part, to Android. Some of the most famous web browsers ...[Read More]

What does VPN Stand for on iPhone

Online interactions and activities gain importance every day. Many users engage into work activities through the web, and a high percentage of them use their mobile devices to perform essential tasks with ease. Tech companies design their phones with more user-friendly interfaces each passing year, giving them comfort while browsing the web, sending emails, having important conferences via video c...[Read More]

Unblock UK Channels on Roku

The Internet changed our lives in ways we cannot even realize. It was impossible for people thirty or forty years ago to imagine themselves living around computers, Wi-Fi connection, and online streaming. Just imagine the expression in people faces that long ago when hearing the term “online streaming”! Fortunately, the Internet allows us to watch online streaming. Because of the many ...[Read More]

Get Pandora In Canada

While online streaming is one of the very best and most sought-after entertainment ways for people of all ages, the majority of them arguably look for visual content. Live games, TV series, talk shows, news compilations, movies, short films, documentaries, children programs, and many more features that people can see are usually the most popular around the web. However, millions of people look for...[Read More]

Invisible on Facebook 1

One of the most prominent inventions of the new millennium, Facebook is known for letting people connect with each other around the world, no matter where anyone is. It is one giant online network that functions as an album in many ways. And it’s even better because it permits reactions, comments and “likes.” Old friends often get back in touch and reunite through Facebook and it...[Read More]

Watch Xfinity TV Go outside USA 1

Xfinity TV Go is a fantastic tool to have at hand these days. It allows you to collect all the best TV shows, movies, live games, short film, documentaries and other productions into one library and stream it. You can watch shows from the top channels and chains in America, such as Telemundo, NBC, ABC, Fox, CBS, the CW, Univision, and many of the HBO options. This entertainment alternative represe...[Read More]

Watch DirecTV Outside USA 1

Hundreds of channels, shows, live games, movies, short films, TV series and talk shows, music and investigation features are available daily on several platforms and devices around the world. DirecTV is responsible for broadcasting many of them. You could make an argument that DirecTV is the most prominent satellite TV operator in America and maybe the world. The company has paid subscriptions in ...[Read More]


Update on Netflix Proxy Error 2017 We’ve been doing a large amount of testing and listening to VPN users on social media as well as talking to customer live chat agents from various VPN providers. It’s been nearly a year now since Netflix starting the Netflix Proxy Error crusade! When I first encountered the Netflix Proxy error, I had a bad feeling that Netflix wouldn’t so easily...[Read More]

Free Wifi on a Plane with VPN

How times have changed. Thirty-five years ago, people lived at a much slower pace than these days: mobile phones only existed for a tiny percentage of the population on some of the world’s most developed and advanced countries, and those existing users could just perform the most basic of functions: calling. Now, over 80% of mobile devices have Short Message Service (SMS), and many have Inte...[Read More]

American Netflix on Blu-ray Players Outside USA 1

Netflix is arguably the most famous multimedia streaming center of the cyber world. It has the biggest library of available files for streaming, including new and classic movies, the hottest series of the moment, documentaries, short films, and many more features. Founded in 1997 as a rental company for films and series, it changed the way it did business in 2007 when they began working with onlin...[Read More]

PureVPN Gives UP Logs to Catch Internet Stalker

PureVPN, a popular VPN provider, recently just gave up private logs in order to help the FBI track down an internet stalker. Ryan Lin, age 24 from Newton, Massachusetts, was arrested on charges that he cyber-stalked his former roommate, Jennifer Smith. Lin was caught posting passwords of Smith’s online accounts, posting intimate photos of her, posting fake profiles of her, inciting bomb threats, d...[Read More]

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