Ali Raza

Ali is a freelance journalist with 5 years of experience in web journalism and marketing. He contributes to various online publications. With a master degree, now he combines his passions for writing about internet security and technology. When he is not working, he loves traveling and playing games.

14 Ways to Buy Cheap Christmas Presents Online

There is nothing like having a purse full of money, or a credit card with a very high limit (or even unlimited!) and use them to go shopping, especially with the holiday season already upon us. We are already in December, so Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are just around the corner. We are, however, in the digital and Internet era, so most purchases in this time of the year are made online...[Read More]

Betting Sites Outside the UK

Many people around the world enjoy betting on almost anything: sports, card games, even political events such as presidential elections, and many more things are common themes when it comes to predicting outcomes after a thorough investigation of the whole scenario, or even just to justify that luck is on their side. Many of these acts are popular in casinos or establishments destined for this kin...[Read More]

Watch NFL on Kodi and Firestick

The National Football League (NFL) is America’s professional football league, featuring some of the most potent teams in the sport, such as the New England Patriots, the Minnesota Vikings, the Pittsburgh Steelers and today’s sensation, the Philadelphia Eagles. There are numerous online streaming services and channels that broadcast the best games of the week, plus hours’ worth of analy...[Read More]

British TV in the UAE 1

Despite being an up-and-coming financial and economic powerhouse, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is notorious for blocking internet sites and services here and there, making it, at least on paper, one of the most challenging places to browse the web in all Asia. To circumvent internet censorship in the country and have access to some critical Wikipedia pages, other news websites, Voice Over Intern...[Read More]

Prevent the Bad Rabbit Ransomware Attack

The Internet changed our lives for the better. If we could spend hours or even days to get acquainted with news or critical events around the world, now we have the information available in a matter of minutes or even seconds. Communications improved considerably, and with a smartphone, iPhone or any device with Internet connectivity, we can achieve beautiful things and use them for leisure, work,...[Read More]

unblock WhatsApp in China (1)

WhatsApp is, without a doubt, the most famous and widely-used instant message app among the vast Smartphone market. This service’s popularity goes well beyond a country or region: everybody knows about WhatsApp or has it on their devices. After all, it is the most straightforward way to stay connected and in communication with family and friends, wherever you are. WhatsApp has a user-friendl...[Read More]

Use a VPN to Unblock Online Poker and Feel the Thrill of the Cards

Poker is a thrilling game. You get the opportunity to show your skills in various aspects of the completion, like managing probabilities; tricking your opponents into thinking you have a weak hand, controlling your facial expressions when you have useful cards and many other things that wake up your emotions and activates adrenaline in your body. There is nothing like having the chance to play liv...[Read More]

The Defenders

Netflix, since its transformation from a movie and series rental place to an online media streaming platform, is firmly entrenched as the top entertainment option for people with a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer and access to a good, fast internet connection. The service has movies, series, documentaries, short films, animated features, and other types of productions for all genres: come...[Read More]

Best VPN for Sweden

Sweden, a very stable country with excellent services, health care, and infrastructure to allow a massive percentage of the population (more than 90%, to be exact) to connect to the Internet, is still defining its stance when it comes to government surveillance on their people’s interactions in the web. The society, however, loves a fast connection that is free from prying eyes. Swede author...[Read More]

Unblock Betfair from Spain

Betfair is an online gambling company based in West London, in the United Kingdom, and in Clonskeagh, Dublin (Ireland). Since February 2016, its name is Paddy Power Betfair because of its merger with Paddy Power. People can use this service to place online bets with an extensive platform of games and daily odds, and with the peace of mind that an accountable and dependable company manages their mo...[Read More]

VPN is Secure

When you hire a VPN service provider, you do it because you want to make sure you can anonymously browse the web. You don’t want to deal with the threat of hackers stealing information from you, your internet service provider selling your browsing history to whoever may have interest in it, and from governmental institutions doing “regular surveillance” on you. But sometimes, VPN...[Read More]

VPN for Netherlands

Netherlands is one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the world. The quality of life is top-notch, the landscapes are fascinating, the culture is enticing, and the society itself has a high level of consciousness towards the environmental wellness. People ride bikes to work; they care about emissions and pollutions, they have a low crime rate, and many more things you will like. All of...[Read More]

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