Best Bitcoin VPNs for 2017


What is Bitcoin? Best Bitcoin VPNs for 2017

Bitcoin is a new type of digital currency that resides in a payment network that uses peer-to-peer technology to operate without banks or a central authority. Nobody owns Bitcoin’s payment network, and everything is open-source and open so everyone can take part. 

  • Individuals like to use BitCoin because it makes mobile payments very easy, with minimal transaction fees. It’s also easy to send Bitcoin to friends by scanning a QR code. In order to ensure Bitcoin for users, it’s secured with high-grade cryptography. Bitcoin is compatible with multiple providers, and it’s extremely fast since there are no clearing times when transferring money around.
  • Businesses like Bitcoin because it allows them to send money without fees (more and more companies are operating over the internet), it has fast international payments, it provides free visibility of payments (transactions can be seen, but now who has paid them), and it has great fraud protection.
  • Developers love Bitcoin too since it has many creative uses for tipping systems, automated payment solutions, and distribution through crowd-funding services.

Why Use Bitcoin to Pay for a VPN?

You Don’t Need to Reveal Credit Card Information

Bitcoin is an excellent way to pay for a VPN. Many users purchase a VPN since they want to ensure their privacy through encrypted and anonymous means. Bitcoin is the perfect payment solution that doesn’t require you to leave behind credit card information on websites. It ensures total anonymous transaction privacy.

You Can Use an Alias

Not only do you not need to provide credit card information with Bitcoin, but Bitcoin also doesn’t require billing information. You can create an alias, as well as a fake address to use with your Bitcoin payment information to remain anonymous.

How to Buy Bitcoin

You can buy/sell Bitcoins in various places. These places are called coin exchanges. These coin exchanges also have ways for you to store your money in what is referred to as a Bitcoin wallet. A common way to purchase a VPN provider with Bitcoin is to use the mobile app of one of these coin exchanges and scan the QR code in the browser to submit payment. You can also send payments by copy/pasting the Bitcoin address made temporarily available.


Best Bitcoin VPNs for 2017

Circle is a well-known, respected coin base exchange that has great mobile apps. Circle’s central idea is that it should be easy to send money to anyone and anywhere.


Best Bitcoin VPNs for 2017

Coinbase is another popular Bitcoin exchange that has a reliable mobile app that works well with VPN payments.


Best Bitcoin VPNs for 2017

Localbitcoins is a different take on Bitcoin exchange. It’s more like a Craigslist for Bitcoins where you exchange Bitcoins and local currency with real people instead of centralized trading exchanges. The benefit of this method is that you can use Bitcoins instantly, and every payment is supported by escrow and fraud prevention to protect buyers and sellers.

Best Bitcoin VPNs


Best Bitcoin VPNs for 2017

TorGuard is a great VPN provider choice for Bitcoin payments. The service accepts Bitcoin for all of its services (VPN routers, Bittorrent Proxy, encrypted email, VPN packages). They also accept lite coin, Dogecoin, and, at least, thirty other type of cryptocurrencies. As far as we’ve seen, they are the only VPN provider to accept so many cryptocurrencies.

They also allow manual bitcoin transactions to increase privacy so that a client can request an email and send Bitcoin to a particular Bitcoin address.


  • 256-bit AES encryption, 2048 RSA key
  • Stealth Support + Stealth Proxy for censored countries
  • Best live chat around
  • Forum community
  • Speeds and performance are top notch


  • Standard $9.99 a month VPN


For a full TorGuard review, click here.

Private Internet Access

Best Bitcoin VPNs for 2017

Private Internet Access is a top tier VPN provider that provides Bitcoin as a payment option.  We liked that you could pay with Bitcoin, but we were disappointed with the convoluted refund process that took place to get a refund on our Bitcoin payment.


  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Live Chat
  • High speeds
  • Great applications
  • Low price of $6.95


  • Refund process is confusing
  • Website hard to navigate
  • Applications missing some features


For a full PIA review, click here.

IPVanish VPN

Best Bitcoin VPNs for 2017

IPVanish VPN is a primary VPN provider with a vast server network and impressive speeds. They offer Bitcoin as a payment to ensure customer privacy.


  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Reliable speeds and app performance
  • Sweet mobile app with neat features
  • Refund policy is easy
  • Good server network


  • Windows application missing kill switch
  • No live chat
  • No DNS leak protection
  • No Extra VPN services offered (Stealth, VPN routers, Proxy)


For a full IPVanish review, click here.


Best Bitcoin VPNs for 2017

ExpressVPN is another great VPN provider that accepts Bitcoin as a payment option to ensure your privacy on checkout.


  • Great first-time setup
  • Fast speeds
  • Excellent application design and feel
  • Live chat


  • Expensive

For a full ExpressVPN review, click here.

Bad Bitcoin VPNs

In our search for the best Bitcoin VPNs for 2016, we came across some bad apples that we have discussed in the past. These VPNs, while they might have good alternative features, aren’t good options for users looking to use their Bitcoin currency.


Best Bitcoin VPNs for 2017

Overall we didn’t have many issues with NordVPN’s support–since they do offer live chat, and they are quite friendly. However, NordVPN is a bad choice for Bitcoin payments if you plan on getting a refund since they don’t accept Bitcoin returns.


  • Reliable encryption
  • Multiple simultaneous connections
  • Website proxy


  • Mediocre speeds
  • Bad refund policy
  • Clunky applications


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Best Bitcoin VPNs for 2017

We loved CactusVPN’s simplicity, encryption, and decent speeds–but unfortunately, they don’t accept Bitcoin as a payment option–making them a bad choice for Bitcoin checkout.


  • Great application for PC
  • Good speeds
  • Accessible client and website


  • No Bitcoin checkout
  • Limited live chat
  • Mobile app is limited

For a full CactusVPN review, click here

Thanks for reading our guide on the best Bitcoin VPNs for 2016! Do you have any questions about Bitcoin or these VPN providers? Let us know below.

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