What are the Best Free Android Apps for Torrenting?

What are the Best Free Android Apps for Torrenting?

Torrenting on Android is much easier than iOS (thank god–here’s how to torrent on iOS), but even still, it can be hard to find the best BitTorrent or Torrent app out there to suit your needs. Which torrent apps are good, which are free, which are bad? These are all questions you might be wondering, and today, we’re going to answer them!

Despite the bad reputation of torrenting there are a lot of legitimate reasons why you might do so legally, like if you want to download Linux distributions, download free software, or get software willingly distributed through P2P software (free from specific artists). There are also many other reasons for torrenting like getting free movies in theatres or DVDs, or free music and TV shows, but we don’t necessarily endorse these methods.

Down below, we’ve handpicked some of the easiest, cheapest, and best torrent apps for Android. To be honest, a lot of torrent apps perform the same. They let you download magnet links and you’re off to the races! However, I’ve picked the best from the pack since all of these apps work well–and while they contain ads, most of these apps contain the ability to upgrade to remove ads! Additionally, none of these apps should compromise your phone’s security, but remember, when downloading torrents there can be significant dangers…


What are the Best Free Android Apps for Torrenting?

Do not torrent without a VPN or proxy. You might think this is hard or a waste of time, but when you get a letter in the mail or are threatened for fines, you won’t be laughing! In some countries, you can even go to jail for torrenting content illegally!

Simply download a trusted VPN from the Google Play Store, login with your (paid subscription — NEVER USE A FREE VPN) then pick a country that you want. Once you do this, connect, and you can download with a new VPN IP and encrypted traffic.

Here are some great VPN options that all have awesome PC and Android apps:

What are the Best Free Android Apps for Torrenting? What are the Best Free Android Apps for Torrenting?
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#1 Flud

What are the Best Free Android Apps for Torrenting?

Flud is probably  the most loved torrent app for Android. Why? Well it’s extremely powerful but it’s also very easy to use. You can easily manage a large volume of torrents, but the app also supports a good amount of protocols, magnet links, RSS feeds, and to spruce things up it has a couple of themes to choose from. Some other cool features are the ability to download sequentially (one at a time!), as well as proxy support.

#2 aTorrent

What are the Best Free Android Apps for Torrenting?

Another good option is aTorrent. aTorrent combines relative simplicity with a good amount of features like magnet link support, partial download, download limit by Wi-Fi, and support for most mainstream protocols like BitTorrent and DHT. The app also has support for SD cards.

#3 uTorrent

What are the Best Free Android Apps for Torrenting?

uTorrent is not necessarily the best option on computer, due to better options out there, but for Android, it’s not the worst experience since most free options have ads anyway. With uTorrent you get a nice clean design and important and advanced features alike (Wi-Fi only download, delete torrent or torrent file, and selective file download). It’s pretty fast, and a good option, and it’s certainly one of the if not the most popular torrent downloader app on the Google Play Store.

#4 Frostwire

What are the Best Free Android Apps for Torrenting?

Frostwire is one of the oldest torrent apps on there on PC, so it’s good to see it as an updated Android torrent option. The open source designed app here is a little outdated perhaps, but core features include the ability to use a music player, streaming, media browser, and of course–download torrents. It’s main attraction seems to be the included torrent search feature, but it has mixed reception. An oldie, but a goodie, but perhaps a little weaker than some other options on this list unless you really like Frostwire.

#5 FuTorrent

What are the Best Free Android Apps for Torrenting?

FuTorrent is another decent option to consider. It’s simple and easy to use with an included torrent search option, tons of supported protocols, magnet link support, the ability to set download rates, as well as other features you might expect like the ability to pause and restrict torrents.

#6 TorrDroid

What are the Best Free Android Apps for Torrenting?

While new, TorrDroid has drawn a respectable reputation. It has all of the basics like protocol support, magnet link compatibility, Wi-Fi Only downloads, and more. The app is fairly easy to install and use, but the only drawback is there is no paid version to get rid of the ads!

#7 tTorrent

What are the Best Free Android Apps for Torrenting?

Last on this list is tTorrent. It looks similar enough to TorrDroid with a green color scheme and theme, but it does have some cool features like proxy support, RSS support, and support for web interfaces with apps like Transdroid.

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