Why Does China Have Strict Online Censorship?

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China has one of the world’s most controversial policies with regards to online access. The national government essentially censors various sites that it does not like.

In particular, the Communist government works to ensure that viewpoints that differ from what the government supports are blocked. This is especially the case for some of the more sensitive topics relating to China like Tibet and Taiwan. Various news and social media sites are often blocked due to how they give people access to information that conflicts with what the government supports or info that paints it in a negative light.

The online censorship standards used within China are rather strict and difficult to get around. This can even be problematic for researchers and scientists at schools around the country.

Fortunately, there is a solution that may be used within China with regards to getting access to regularly blocked content. A virtual private network or VPN can be used to get over the so-called “great firewall of China.” With a VPN, you can get access to a virtual server that lists you as being based outside of China. This comes as you are getting access to servers from other countries that allow regular access to online functions. As you get through such a server, you will have the freedom to do what you feel online.

In particular, TorGuard is the best option to use when finding a VPN choice. This is thanks to the various connectivity features used to help you get over China’s strict censorship standards.

Stealth VPNs Work

The Stealth VPN option is a feature provided by TorGuard to help you get online. This works to prevent you from being spotted on a VPN. China’s firewall is capable of identifying various VPNs. This comes as it identifies the VPN “handshake” that is used. It works as the VPN is identified as being from one part of the world far outside China.

With a Stealth VPN, TorGuard will move your connection through a separate proxy. It goes through a ShadowSocks proxy so your connection will be fully encrypted. It will be difficult for the firewall to identify that you are using a VPN at this point.

A stealth proxy is required to get this part of the VPN running. You can use this instead of having a direct connection on to you VPN. This works with a server that you access from outside the country.

Works Through Many Locations

TorGuard is always adding new servers and locations for you to reach. This is to help you get more options for getting online with ease. When used right, you should have a very easy time with getting online and doing what you feel.

TorGuard will help you get online around China and even access all the news and social media sites that you can’t get there. It is detailed and easy to use to ensure that you can find everything you want online even if it entails content that the Chinese government doesn’t want you to see.

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