How to Download Torrents on Your iPhone

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Torrents are great for how you can download all sorts of massive files quickly from a variety of hosts. However, the iPhone doesn’t allow you to download torrents. That is, it doesn’t let you do it until now with this method described here.

You can quickly download torrents on your iPhone by using a few simple steps. Much of this entails the use of a VPN. It keeps you secure without being caught on a public network. This gives you the option to not only download various torrents but also stream files from them. Best of all, you don’t have to jailbreak your iPhone.

Best of all, you don’t have to jailbreak your iPhone.

Best VPN for Downloading Torrents onto iPhone?

To start, you have to subscribe to a VPN. The reason is that using a VPN will help you torrent securely. If you don’t have a VPN, you might get flagged by your ISP for downloading illegal content. You must get onto a VPN and then download an app that links you to it. This should bring you to a secure client that you can get online with.

Remember, just because you have an iPhone doesn’t mean that your data is secure and private.

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How to Download Torrents on Your iPhone How to Download Torrents on Your iPhone
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Using Bitport.Io to Download Torrents onto iPhone

The best choice you have for getting torrents is actually to have an account with This is a website that downloads torrents through a cloud network. You can even stream the contents of those torrents online. This is ideal if you have a torrent that contains loads of media files.

Best Torrent Site for iPhone?

After you are on a VPN and you have your account ready, you can go to a torrent website. There are far too many of these places to list here. But no matter what you do, you should hold down the button to download a torrent for a few seconds to then get the option to copy the link. If ThePirateBay isn’t available, check out some of these alternatives.

After you copy that link, you can go to and paste it there. After this, click on the Add New Torrent button. The location name will be extremely long but that’s to ensure you are reaching the right and most secure torrent possible.

Allow the File To Open

As you use the iPhone, the cloud system on the VPN will open up the files in the torrent. It carefully analyzes the data you have and then pieces together the files on the cloud network.

You can choose to stream the files you are downloading through that cloud network. You also have the option to download individual files from the torrent. This is provided you have enough support for playing them back and that you have the disk space on your iPhone for doing so.

This is a process for downloading torrents on your iPhone that is easy to handle. It only takes a few moments to get this all set up. Best of all, it ensures that you don’t have to worry about your identity being exposed or bearing with networks where your information might be at risk of being harmed.

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