How to Play League of Legends with a VPN?

How to Play League of Legends with a VPN?

League of Legends continues to be the most played game in the world with active player bases everywhere from Asia, to the UK, to the USA. There’s a ton of playable champions and  tons of consistent updates that shake the mold keeping the game fresh even more long time veterans.

LoL is the most played game on Twitch and really only competes with other giants in the industry like PUBG, and Fortnite. However, you might be finding that you can’t access League of Legends, and that can happen for a variety of reasons. Let’s discuss how to unblock and play LoL, or League of Legends below!

What is a VPN and How Do They Work with LoL?

Before we start this guide, I need to introduce you to something called a VPN. VPN stands for virtual private network. It’s a widely used security and network protection tool. Think of a VPN like antivirus but for your internet, except it’s not just for security, but for unblocking and unrestricting internet restrictions.

When you find a VPN provider, you pay for a subscription (usually around $5-10 a month) to get access to their servers. Then you download an app, and you connect to a server. This process gives you a new IP and assigns your connection to a new port. By having a new IP, and using a different port, you can access LoL. More details below!

League of Legends Blocked at School? How to Fix?

If you can’t play League at school or university, the problem is that a port or P2P activity is blocked which makes it hard to run League of Legends. These are the ports that are needed to unblock League.

Ports needed for servers:
5000 – 5500 UDP (League of Legends Game Client)
8393 – 8400 TCP (Patcher and Maestro)
2099 TCP (PVP.Net)
5223 TCP (PVP.Net)
5222 TCP (PVP.Net)
80 TCP (HTTP Connections)
443 TCP (HTTPS Connections)
8088 UDP and TCP (Spectator Mode)

The way to fix this is by using a VPN. A VPN allows you to bypass school restrictions placed at schools. Usually at schools or universities they don’t really want you playing games on certain Wi-Fi connections and the like. But by using a VPN, you can play games and get around restrictions without being caught (a VPN gives you an anonymous shared IP that is shared by other users so you can’t be isolated, and your traffic is encrypted which means it’s hidden and uncrackable).

Sometimes you can reach out to your IT guy or admin to get these ports unblocked, but a large amount of time they won’t. Additionally, if you ever plan to torrent at your school, you run the risk of being caught and having your IP and information in the IT guy’s hands. With a VPN, you can not only unblock League of Legends, but you can be sure that you can torrent securely and safely since a VPN makes you anonymous. VPNs have multiple uses after all and you can even get access to game betas early if you’re clever ( by changing your location to wherever the game beta has released early).

You could use a free VPN to play League of Legends, but these VPNs aren’t as fast as paid VPNs and you’ll find that you can only play 1 or 2 games a month before you run out of available bandwidth. Not only that, but most free VPNs have super expensive pricing upgrade plans so it’s better to just find a good paid VPN right off the bat! Free VPNs are also notorious for collecting data and selling it off to the highest bidder.

My recommendation for the best VPN for League of Legends is TorGuard. It’s incredibly fast, has tons of servers, great customer service, and an affordable pricing plan. The best news is that my code, “Best10VPN” gives you 50% off.

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League Blocked by Firewall at Work or School? How to Fix?

If your school or university–or even workplace, has a aggressive firewall, a VPN can help you bypass it very easily. Some VPNs design their software so they can get behind even government-built firewalls and ISP firewalls, so a school firewall or university firewall will be no problem!

How to fix League Latency?

If you’re in some part of the world where you get latency by playing League, you can fix it by connecting to a VPN server. Sometimes, by connecting to a server closer to the servers hosted by Riot, you can get better speeds and less latency while you game!

How to Unblock IP Ban League of Legends?

If you’ve somehow managed to get an IP ban with LoL, you can easily circumvent it by using a VPN since a VPN gives you a new IP. Or if you’re in a country with gaming restrictions you can also use a VPN to get around restrictions to unblock League. A VPN encrypts your outgoing traffic and gives you a new IP so you’re country or ISP can’t detect what you’re doing.

Spark has a simple mission to help you chose the best VPN without any bias. Which VPN do I use? See it here!

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