How to Use US Netflix in Spain

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NETFLIX Spain launched in late 2015 to much fanfare and excitement. But in the years since, it’s become obvious that subscribers are receiving an inferior product to NETFLIX US. NETFLIX Spain has only 21% the amount of titles available in the US. That includes titles like Alice Through the Looking Glass.

Streaming platforms like Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix enforce harsh restrictions based on geographic designations. NETFLIX US can only be used in the US. NETFLIX Spain in Spain.

So on and so forth. Since its announcement, users have used popular VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) to access the superior US version from any country, including Spain. But recently, NETFLIX has cracked down on VPN usage, blocking most attempts to access a country’s version from any other location.

Their new security system triggers a proxy error whenever an IP Address is used too many times at the same time. This is a consequence of many VPN services routing multiple, sometimes hundreds of users through the same IP address.

Reed Hastings (NETFLIX CEO) responded to any naysayers by calling their outcry ‘inconsequential’ to his company. This shows that this fight will not let-up in the foreseeable future.


How to Use US Netflix in Spain

Despite this intense focus, VPNs are still the way to go. The major hold-up here is that most popular services like ExpressVPN and BlackVPN are now blocked. To better understand why, you have to look at how VPNs work.

VPNs create new IP addresses in a variety of countries. A user can choose which server they want (in this case something US based) and the VPN will route their device’s internet through their server. This basically tricks your computer into thinking it’s operating in your country of choice, allowing you to use websites only accessible in that country. This includes NETFLIX US.

Sidenote: The closer the server is to you, the stronger the connection. So, if you’re in Spain and are using an American based server, you’ll want something in the New York or Northeast area of the United States.

The best VPN for all of this is TorGuard  (TorGuard Review). It is the most reliable, stable, and user-friendly of the working VPNs. They also have a 24/7 customer service live chat available.

The reason TorGuard successfully circumvents NETFLIX while others fail is their dedicated IP service. Everyone who uses TorGuard is routed to a different IP address. This means NETFLIX will have no multiple IP usage to detect.

The Following VPNs No Longer Work with Netflix (tested and verified):

It should be noted that you have no need to pay for a second NETFLIX account if you’re already a subscriber in Spain. You will be able to access the US site without paying again.


How to Use US Netflix in Spain

All devices that support NETFLIX Spain can be used with a VPN. Usually with an easy to use application.

This includes Mac, PC, tablets, Rokus, game consoles, and many more. If your device does not have app capability, then the VPN can be installed directly to your internet router.

The steps to do so are quick and easy, as demonstrated here.


The best are, yes. TorGuard and other top VPNs actively encrypt your connection. This means your ISP, sketchy websites, and even your government will be prevented from tracking your internet activity. No blockades. None of your info getting sold. And no emails from the government because you decided to torrent Dolphin Tale 2.


You would be a fool to use a Free VPN. We’ve detailed the dangers of free VPNs here, but, in summary, they are slow, unsafe, unreliable, and often the root cause of a scam to either get you to divulge personal information or pay for other products. They are not worth the trouble and will not allow you to watch any of the great titles on NETFLIX US.


To put it plainly, NETFLIX US is much, much better than Spain. If you’re an American traveling abroad, you know this. If you’re a permanent resident of Spain and need to satisfy an itch for high-quality TV-Shows and movies like Naruto and Captain America, then a VPN service like TorGuard is necessary and safe.

Spark has a simple mission to help you chose the best VPN without any bias. Which VPN do I use? See it here!

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