Is Private Internet Access Good? What They Don’t Tell You About PIA VPN


Is Private Internet Access Good? Today, we are here to answer that question in this look at one of the most popular VPN providers to date. This isn’t a full review, and if you want one, check out our Private Internet Access review. This is just quick look!

Private Internet Access is headquartered within the USA and founded in 2011. Since then it’s grown to be one of the biggest and successful VPN providers due to a few factors.

While a lot of fierce privacy advocates don’t like the service, it’s so popular that when I mention the term VPN to my friends some of them actually think PIA’s company is VPN. PIA is tremendously popular, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

Is Private Internet Access Good?

PIA generally has very fast speeds and they also have a lot of servers to connect to. It’s a BIG VPN provider, and they have a large reach over the global world.

It also has most of the mandatory functions the everyday user needs for VPN, like torrent compatibility, free proxy inclusion, the guarantee that they don’t log, plenty of apps to use, and a decent checkout system.

It’s extremely cheap, coming in at only $6.95 for one month, $29.99 for 6 months, or $35 a year. That beats most of the competition already–so you can see why a lot of people love PIA.

Is Private Internet Access Bad?

Is Private Internet Access Good? What They Don't Tell You About PIA VPN

PIA Logo

So what’s dirty about PIA? Well, there are a few things. Namely this year they just pulled out of Russia, and nobody’s sure why.

We wrote an article about it before, where we explained that the reason PIA claimed they were leaving Russia was to protect their “no logging” policy.

But things didn’t add up since most countries that require logging like Australia, Canada, or even India still have active PIA servers. Doing some research lead to a strange story, in which we found an AirVPN user explaining that one reason PIA canceled their Russian servers was because of monetary concerns and that they canceled contracts due to price increases.

Earlier this year, PIA also had strange issues with management, where founder Andrew Lee and new CEO Sung Park had troubles. Sung Park, CEO at the time, started using some PIA money to purchase nightclubs and Korean magazines and now Andrew Lee is suing Sung Park.

Another thing worth noting is that Private Internet Access no longer works with Netflix, whereas other competitors like TorGuard and ExpressVPN have been vigilantly fighting back with refreshed IPs. It’s funny since one of PIA’s admins reached out to me on Reddit to confirm that it was working when it fact it wasn’t.

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