Netflix Alternatives to use with VPN

Alternatives to use with VPN

If you’ve been trying to use Netflix with VPN, you know that it can be difficult. Fortunately, we’ve created a guide on VPNs that DO work with Netflix–but even then, sometimes Netflix can be so aggressive that there are temporary downtimes even with the best VPNs fighting against Netflix.

We’ve created a top 10 list for Netflix alternatives that work with VPNs so you can still enjoy media content without so much hassle. However, you still need a good VPN to use with these services, so it doesn’t affect your speeds.

Check out this list for the fastest VPNs for streaming.

Netflix Alternatives that work with VPN

Amazon Instant Video

Netflix Alternatives to use with VPN

Amazon Instant Video is probably the forefront media streaming service when compared to a giant like Netflix. While it doesn’t have the best media organization, they still have tons of TV shows and movies for you to watch.

Amazon has more media than Netflix in some cases (it might not all be good,  however). You can also find shows you can’t find on Netflix like Survivor, Mr. Robot, or cool movies like InterStellar and the show Vikings.


Netflix Alternatives to use with VPN

While Hulu might block VPNs occasionally, their anger and dedicated resources towards VPN blocking is nothing compared to Netflix. Hulu is also an excellent service to use with VPN since they are US locked. That means you have to use a VPN to access Hulu if you live outside of the US.

Hulu is a great service to use if you want to catch up shows you just missed since they have a lot of recently aired TV shows and content.


Netflix Alternatives to use with VPN

Craving Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, or Veep? Or maybe you want to watch Trainwreck or Jurassic World? HBO Now is a perfect place to watch some fantastic exclusives. They are available on a ton of devices, and you’ll find that your VPN works great with HBO Now (HBO Now is like Hulu–a United States exclusive) since they don’t block VPNs much.


Netflix Alternatives to use with VPN

Starz has hosted some of the best TV shows around–with legends like Spartacus, Black Sails,  and Outlander. With a VPN, you can access Starz anywhere in the world to see movies like Ant-Man, Spider-Man 3, or even movies like Avengers and Pixels.

Youtube Red

Netflix Alternatives to use with VPN

While YouTube Red is a bit unconventional compared to other streaming services, it’s still a great option for TV. With a VPN, you can circumvent blocks that might prevent you from watching YouTube. YouTube Red hosts ad-free content that might be exclusive–like PrankVsPrank or even Pewdiepie scare videos. YouTube Red videos are usually high production value and super entertaining just like other content from the services we mentioned previously.

Let us know if you need help streaming any of these Netflix alternatives services with VPN. Or, check out how to watch Netflix with VPN if you still aren’t satisfied.

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