How to Make qBittorrent COMPLETELY Anonymous

qBittorrent is one of the best and most lightweight torrent options around. A lot of people think of it as the better version of uTorrent since it’s not only ad-free, but it’s also chock full of features and open-source updates. I’ve nominated qBittorrent in many top torrent app lists of mine but today we are going to take a closer look at qBittorrent and examine how to make it c...[Read More]

11 Best Torrent Sites for Anime

Every country has something that people from abroad clearly relate to it. In the case of Japan, that element is its entertainment system and inventive, and it is very evident in the number of options that the creativity of Japanese professionals produce not only for their citizens but also as content available for export. Television series, film industry, a large video game and tech supply and mor...[Read More]

Which Countries Ban Torrenting / P2P?

Various countries around the world aren’t fond of P2P activity and torrenting. But most countries don’t ban it. The reason being is that countries can’t really effectively ban the BitTorrent protocol since most torrent clients can bypass restrictions. If you have come here for that answer, then you can leave if you wish. The answer is that not any country bans P2P/BitTorrent per ...[Read More]

How to Hide Your Torrent IP Address : The Easy Guide

If you’re looking to hide your torrent IP address to protect yourself from copyright trolls and internet service providers, good job. You’ve made a great first step. More and more BitTorrent users everyday that use programs like uTorrent, qBittorrent, Vuze, and more are using anonymization tools called VPNs to scramble and hide their VPN activity. By using a VPN with a BitTorrent app, you can make...[Read More]

What is the Best VPN for P2P in the UK?

Ever since there’s the Internet, there’s been file sharing as well. P2P or peer-to-peer file sharing is one of the oldest methods of doing this. So today, we’re going to see what it is, what it does, how it works, as well as what are the dangers of doing it in the UK. And, of course, since you’ll need a good method of protection, we’ll also discuss which is the best V...[Read More]

What are the Top 6 P2P VPNs in 2017?

P2P, or peer-to-peer, connections are used to help you get online to a variety of torrents. With this, you can share content with other people. It is a popular type of connection that can be facilitated by a great client that works with the BitTorrent system. But as great as this option can be, it can also be tough to manage a proper P2P connection on a traditional connection. A typical connection...[Read More]

What Is the Most Popular P2P Software?

Today you can choose from one of many different types of P2P software programs for your download needs. These work as BitTorrent clients in particular. These help you to download files from people without having to go through centralized servers. Here is a look at the most popular P2P software options that you can choose from today. These include a great assortment of options that fit in with your...[Read More]

5 Things to Do Before Torrenting With a VPN

Torrenting with a VPN is a great first step. However, even if you do torrent with a VPN, you could be missing some essential security guidelines. In this post, we have created an infographic to help you with the 5 things to do before torrenting with a VPN. Are you looking for some VPN providers that are great for torrenting and P2P? Check out this post.

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