What are the Top 6 P2P VPNs in 2017?

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P2P, or peer-to-peer, connections are used to help you get online to a variety of torrents. With this, you can share content with other people. It is a popular type of connection that can be facilitated by a great client that works with the BitTorrent system.

But as great as this option can be, it can also be tough to manage a proper P2P connection on a traditional connection. A typical connection might expose your IP address to other people who are downloading files that you might have. Sometimes you might not even be allowed to get onto a certain P2P network due to the geographic location of your connection.

There are several VPN providers that can help you to get online and enjoy great P2P downloads. The six options listed here are choices that provide you with clear and easy connections that aren’t too complicated or otherwise tough to use.

#1 TorGuard (Review)

What are the Top 6 P2P VPNs in 2017?

TorGuard is a good option to look into at the start. It is a fully anonymous VPN that supports unlimited speeds and bandwidth totals and offers up to five simultaneous connections. You can get access to servers in more than fifty countries, thus ensuring that you can get online to a P2P network that is legal to operate within a particular part of the world.

#2 Private Internet Access (Review)

What are the Top 6 P2P VPNs in 2017?

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Another attractive choice to see, Private Internet Access helps you to get onto one of more than 3,000 servers from all corners of the world. This uses no traffic logs and gets you online fast with an instant setup process. The SOCKS5 proxy that is included especially does well with hiding your information from others on a P2P network.

#3 GhostVPN (Review)

What are the Top 6 P2P VPNs in 2017?

GhostVPN makes online usage stable and steady. With GhostVPN, you can quickly do all sorts of fun things with a P2P network. It particularly automatically starts your torrent program and gives you instant feedback on your connection as you get on a new server. The 256-bit encryption and DNS leak protection features especially make it easier for you to enjoy a good connection.

#4 IPVanish (Review)

What are the Top 6 P2P VPNs in 2017?

The strong encryption used by IPVanish ensures that you will have a great connection at all times. This is ideal for P2P thanks to how it offers a powerful connection on any mobile device. It offers iOS and Android apps so you can get a VPN ready while on the go and enjoy the full encryption support that is offered through the system.

#5 ExpressVPN (Review)

What are the Top 6 P2P VPNs in 2017?

ExpressVPN focuses on a fast and secure VPN connection. It works on not only most operating systems but also on routers. It lets you stream torrents as you download them with full 256-bit encryption. It runs quietly in the background and does not use up a great deal of memory on your computer.

#6 AirVPN (Review)

What are the Top 6 P2P VPNs in 2017?

The last of the P2P VPNs to choose from is AirVPN. This uses no traffic or time limits. You can switch servers as often as needed too. All major protocols are supported by this option as well. Make sure you choose one of these P2P VPNs when getting online. These will help you get onto a torrent site and download and share files quickly and privately.

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