How to Use US Netflix In Canada

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Over 90 million people around the world subscribe to NETFLIX. Each subscription has an average of 2.5 users. That’s over 200 million people with access to the streaming service. But for users of any NETFLIX service outside of the US, there is the feeling that an inferior product is being put forth. NETFLIX Canada and others like it have thousands of

NETFLIX Canada and others like it have thousands of fewer titles than the US version. While Canada is in a better place than most countries with its top titles like Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Big Hero 6, its overall catalog is still more than 40% less than the USA. Canada even has access to fewer titles than Peru!

Normally, Canadian users could use a wide variety of VPN services to broaden their access and stream NETFLIX US. This has changed in the last year as NETFLIX CEO Reed Hastings has intensified a war on VPN and Proxy use.

The company has bolstered its fraudulent IP address detection causing users all around the world to encounter the NETFLIX Proxy Error. Despite a wave of outrage, Hastings has classified the VPN community as ‘a very small but quite vocal minority’ and ultimately ‘inconsequential’ to the company’s success.

As of today, there is no sign that there are any plans to slow down this war on international cross-pollination of NETFLIX services due to intense pressure by Film and TV companies to uphold country-specific distribution contracts.

Because of this hard line in the sand, users of NETFLIX Canada have no access to popular US titles like The Flash, the Superman films, and Bob’s Burgers. Thankfully, Canadian users are not without options.


How to Use US Netflix In Canada

First off, VPNs allows a user to establish an IP address in a country other than their own. This secures and privatizes their internet browsing. When a VPN is set up, your internet relays to and from the foreign IP, allowing access to websites formerly blocked due to your location. A new ISP (Internet Service Provider) is NOT needed to use a VPN.

When used with another country’s NETFLIX, it is NOT necessary to pay for or sign up for a new NETFLIX account.


How to Use US Netflix In Canada

As stated above, the number of VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) that work with NETFLIX has declined. But that number is not zero.

TorGuard (TorGuard Review), easily our highest rated VPN, is by far the most stable service for those wanting to access NETFLIX US in 2017. They have a 24/7 live chat available for any and all questions and offer servers from all around the world (including Japan, France, Italy, Spain, and the UK).

TorGuard’s dedicated IPs offer users a way around NETFLIX’s defense. Other more basic VPNs hand out the same IP address to different users over and over. This allows NETFLIX to detect multiple user abuses resulting in a shutdown and the Proxy error that can be avoided with TorGuard.

Some VPNs that no longer work with Netflix (tested and verified):


VPNs can be easily set-up with an app on your phone, PC, or Mac. Also, for people using NETFLIX on their game consoles, Rokus, and other similar devices, we have easy step by step instructions on establishing a VPN directly on your router here.

It’s a major concern for many that this activity may be considered illegal. Good news: the simple presence and use of a VPN on your computer/device is NOT illegal. Furthermore, the best VPNs like TorGuard encrypt all of your actions. This prevents your ISP, websites, or any government from tracking any of your actions. So, for those who have received a threatening email because they got caught downloading The Land Before Time 47; TorGuard will protect you.


How to Use US Netflix In Canada

Simple answer: There is none. 

Sure if you try hard enough you could find something. All of the numerous free VPN services are slow, unstable, have no customer support, and may be a scam. Their lack of resources and user vetting means they are completely inferior and ultimately: THEY CANNOT ACCESS NETFLIX USA.

If you’re still not convinced, check out our thorough article on Free VPNs here.


NETFLIX Canada users deserve to be able to watch everything NETFLIX US has to offer. So, if you’re from the True North and want to watch Tarzan, Wolfcop, or Criminal Minds: TorGuard is your answer.

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