VPN Quiz

VPN Quiz

We’ve custom made a VPN quiz that will help you pick the right VPN for you. We only picked VPN providers that provide the highest speeds, had good applications (both mobile + PC), and all around good VPN service worth your money.  So, which VPN is right for you? Good luck!

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VPN Quiz
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  1. Hi Tom!
    –Sorry to bother you with this, but my Unotelly was working great into the early hours (CST) of 3/3/16 despite all the recent upheaval and I was accessing bbciplayer and itviplayer. Now even though my DNS is properly configured, Unotelly startup is saying it is not and there is no fix… Have these guys up and run?! Is Torguard going to have the same issues? For those of us in the US looking for (non-netflix) content across the waters is there any hope mate??!!

    • Hey there! No problem, that’s what I’m here for–to answer your questions! TorGuard is great for accessing streaming services like BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and even Netflix. Their specialty is getting their customers access through live chat, as well as special servers they have designed for the issue (Netflix servers). Click here to try it out!

      • Hey Tom!
        Your answer is prompt and gracious, but I feel like you are selling Torguard and also that this is perhaps a canned/ auto response? 🙁
        –Sorry. If you were in my head you would see this is what I am thinking… ANYHEW, I have been researching and reading what people are reporting all about the current crackdown and it seems as even some of the best like Torguard may soon have problems…
        A.) Do you suspect that Torguard and other decent VPN will have problems and eventually be routed completely?
        B.) Would unotelly ever recover?
        If you could share your smarts on these 2 ?s, I’d be grateful 🙂 Best!

        • Hey again,

          Ann, I assure you, I am not selling TorGuard. Every recommendation here is based on pure merit and the specifications overviewed in our reviews! You only have to look at other VPN review sites to see drastically different scores (these sites are paid off) as well as ratings that all look similar. We recommended TorGuard VPN in this case since it’s our highest-rated VPN that works well with streaming services by providing high speeds and useful features (it’s a much more powerful VPN that utilizes OpenVPN (UnoTelly only uses a PPTP protocol for VPN encryption which is very weak).

          It’s true, a lot of VPNs are having trouble with the Netflix push and BBC iPlayer restrictions, as well as Hulu. One surefire way to guarantee that your chosen service doesn’t have any problems is to purchase a dedicated IP address (not many good vpns sell these). When you have a dedicated IP address, it’s hard for media services to lock down and isolate it as a proxy IP address (since most VPNs share IP addresses between users to minimize cost and provide anonymity).

          A) TorGuard is most likely having problems already, and a lot of VPNs have simply given up (just by logic of how aggressive media services are blocking), but they are being aggressive in the fight against blocked media services by implementing new features (dedicated IP address integration within their client to make it easy to use a new IP address that works with BBC) as well as special servers (like Netflix servers). We’ve also seen many people comment here that the service is working well, and I’ve tested it as well with BBC iPlayer with a dedicated IP address to find it working as of right now.

          B)I don’t think Unotelly will recover. If you take a look at our recent blog post, you can see that they’ve drastically overhauled their brand and website.

          • Solid, articulate answer Tom–many thanks!

            You suggest to: “purchase a dedicated IP address (not many good vpns sell these)”…which lends the query: where does one best purchase the dedicated IP address?

            –learner, Ann 🙂

          • Hey!

            You’re welcome. Back to where we started! :).

            TorGuard VPN is a great VPN that sells dedicated IP addresses as a complement to their service to let you access BBC iPlayer. Like some other VPNs, you can find this option on checkout. There are a few other VPN services that sell dedicated IPs, but we have yet to compile a list of the best. Some I know of offhand are PureVPN, NordVPN (however for this one you have to email them which is a pain), and Astrill VPN. However, these VPNs aren’t as highly rated here as TorGuard VPN (less reliable applications, poor speeds, etc) –but feel free to check out those reviews here on the site, if you’re so inclined.

          • Will do, Tom! (–I I misunderstood you to have been implying that dedicated IP addresses were not best acquired though VPNs at all; even the good ones. I now understand you to be recommending TorGuard as a one-stop-shop, if you will.)

            I look forward to perhaps checking in with you on the whole Netflix/VPN battle sometime in the near future and add my thanks once again for your time and helpfulness!
            🙂 Ann

          • (BTW, Tom, I sent unotelly like 4 notes saying I wanted to quit and get a refund, even put in a case to PayPal for said refund an
            just now got 4 fairly reasonable notes back from unotelly AND my service was up and running!?!? Ann)

  2. I want to try GhostVPN. at Ghost sign up I only get the option to pay with credit card. No response to my email either. Are they still in business?


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