What is the Cheapest VPN?

What is the Cheapest VPN?

There are a lot of VPNs in the market–some cheap, some expensive, and some are in between. A lot of VPNs out there are OK, just fine and can be used to a good degree, like ExpressVPN, but VPNs like these just aren’t worth the cost when you can find something better right? Why pay $12.95 a month for ExpressVPN when you can find VPNs that do the same thing but better?

Other expensive VPNs like NordVPN have the same problem. So today, we’re going to discuss only the cheapest VPNs that are worth using. Even though these VPNs are cheap, they contain some of the best feature sets around like high speeds, no logging policies, and torrent compatibility.

Cheapest VPN 1 Month Price?

What is the Cheapest VPN?

So what are the cheapest VPNs for a one month price? In case you don’t know what this means, it’s only a one-month commitment. You sign up for a month, then it recurs every month, but you don’t pay a bulk price like you might for a year.

The cheapest price for a one month VPN is TorGuard. With the code “TGLifetime50“, you can get 50%, making it only $5 a month for one month. TorGuard is a great deal at this price since it comes with a proxy for torrenting, 24/7 customer service, and great service in general. Check out our full TorGuard review here.

Secondly, Private Internet Access is only $6.95 a month, but it’s an excellent price even though we don’t have a discount code. Like TorGuard, PIA is also very good for torrenting and other uses. Check out our full Private Internet Access review here.

Lastly, I want to mention VPN Unlimited which is a super cheap VPN provider. It’s also only $5 a month. However, it’s not as recommended since it has received a lower ranking in our full VPN Unlimited review here.

Visit PIA

Visit TorGuard

Cheapest VPN 6 Month Price?

What is the Cheapest VPN?

So what are the cheapest VPNs for 6-month subscriptions? If you want a better deal per month and are OK with 6 months commitment, but maybe don’t want an entire year, 6 months is a good choice.

TorGuard again, is the best choice here since it’s 6-month price is the cheapest by far, but with our 50% discount “TGLifeTime50” you can get it for only $15 for 6 months, which is only $2.50 a month! It’s like buying a candy bar.

Private Internet Access is also very cheap, at only $30 for 6 months.

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Visit TorGuard

Cheapest VPN Annual Price?

Lastly, we want to discuss the cheapest annual prices. TorGuard is normally $60 a year, and Private Internet Access beats it at only $39 per year.

But again, with our code, TorGuard beats it out at only $30 for an entire year! That’s the same price per month; you are just paying longer. VPN Unlimited also has a good yearly subscription at only $24.99.

So now that you’ve seen some of the cheapest VPNs per month, per 6 months, and annually, you might be thinking what makes these VPNs good? Just because they are cheap, doesn’t mean they are worth using. Well, let’s see what you need from a VPN and if these VPNs cover it.

Important Features for Cheapest VPNs

#1 Speed

One of the most important aspects of any VPN is speed. For me, even if a VPN was very expensive, it would be worth using if it maintained by high speeds for torrenting, media, browsing and gaming. Fortunately, the cheap VPNs we have mentioned are ranked among the FASTEST VPNs there is.

#2 Plenty of Servers

If you want to connect wherever or just when you need to, you will need a lot of servers with high uptime. The more servers a VPN has, the better it is doing financially–but that also means there are fewer servers that have too many users clogging up the traffic.

Some mid-sized VPNs have servers that are constantly overloaded.

But if your VPN has a lot of servers, you can expect a better and more customized VPN experience since you can pick servers close to your house.

Some VPNs that we’ve reviewed barely have any servers to pick from!

#3 Security

Just because a VPN is cheap doesn’t mean it automatically has good security. You need to make sure that your VPN has 256-AES encryption and a no logging policy,

#4 Customer Service

One of the most overlooked factors in choosing a VPN is the customer service. Say you want a refund, or to add a service, or to cancel a service–this is all customer service, and if you have bad customer service, you will regret skimping out on the initial purchase cost of a VPN.

Thankfully, TorGuard is one of the best VPNs for customer service. In some ways, they aren’t the cheapest VPN provider, but with our code “TGLifeTime50”–they are, so you know you are getting a little extra for what you pay for.

#5 Simultaneous Connections

Does your VPN have 5 simultaneous connections? This is the “standard” you should look for, even though you might only need 1 or 2 (PC + phone VPN active). A lot of cheap VPNs skimp on things like this.

#6 Torrent Compatability (included proxy)

Lastly, you need to have torrent compatibility if you want to torrent with your cheap VPN. Tunnelbear, one of the most popular free VPNs doesn’t support torrenting (has a cap of 500MB), Hide.Me has a cap, and Cyberghost doesn’t allow torrenting on its free version. So getting TorGuard or PIA cheap for 6 months or $2.50 a month is the best you are going to get! Read more about torrenting cheap here.

Costs of VPN Companies

A lot of people expect VPNs to be super cheap or free. And I say, why? While we have some here today for you, with a good deal, you should also think about the costs that go into making a good VPN and how you are paying for quality.

VPN companies have to pay for servers (very expensive), application support, website fees, employees, and more–it’s like a real company, with a real product.

If you get a free VPN, you are paying less and giving up “more.” See this article we wrote here on the best cheap torrent VPNs.

What Can you do with a Good Cheap VPN?

#1 Access Netflix!

VPNs like TorGuard–the cheapest one we have found with the discount we found, are great for accessing Netflix. It’s one of the few VPNs that we’ve found that works with Netflix. You might have to get a dedicated IP, however.

#2 Play Blocked Games!

VPNs are great to play blocked games. Whether you want to access a game that is blocked in your country, or you want to change your IP to gain access, a VPN’s ability to change your IP to any location in the world is crazy useful.

#3 Surf the Net Anonymously!

VPNs let you visit websites without leaving a footprint. They encrypt your traffic and protect websites from monitoring your use, your location, and your history.

#4 Use in Public Wi-Fi Spaces!

Without a VPN, you can have your data and information stolen in public Wi-Fi hotspots like Starbucks or any other internet cafe. The reason is that public Wi-Fi spaces aren’t secured at all, and you will see this as a warning when you log on to these Wi-Fi signals.

#5 Unblock Websites at School

If you’re a student, you need a cheap VPN since you have a limited budget. VPNs are mandatory for school use since you don’t want to get in trouble with network admins for downloading torrents

#6 Use Across the World

By using a good cheap VPN, you can use and access the internet anywhere in the world, regardless of your country’s restrictions on content, games, or services. VPNs allow you to bypass all that with encryption and a new IP address.

How to Pay for Cheap VPN

So now that you know the benefits of using a VPN, how should you pay for it? Well, the good news is that these VPNs are not only cheap but super secure with payments. For either TorGuard or PIA, you can pay with Bitcoin or even gift cards!

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Spark has a simple mission to help you chose the best VPN without any bias. Which VPN do I use? See it here!

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