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Ali is a freelance journalist with 5 years of experience in web journalism and marketing. He contributes to various online publications. With a master degree, now he combines his passions for writing about internet security and technology. When he is not working, he loves traveling and playing games.

Watch Xfinity TV Go outside USA 1

Xfinity TV Go is a fantastic tool to have at hand these days. It allows you to collect all the best TV shows, movies, live games, short film, documentaries and other productions into one library and stream it. You can watch shows from the top channels and chains in America, such as Telemundo, NBC, ABC, Fox, CBS, the CW, Univision, and many of the HBO options. This entertainment alternative represe...[Read More]

Watch DirecTV Outside USA 1

Hundreds of channels, shows, live games, movies, short films, TV series and talk shows, music and investigation features are available daily on several platforms and devices around the world. DirecTV is responsible for broadcasting many of them. You could make an argument that DirecTV is the most prominent satellite TV operator in America and maybe the world. The company has paid subscriptions in ...[Read More]

Free Wifi on a Plane with VPN

How times have changed. Thirty-five years ago, people lived at a much slower pace than these days: mobile phones only existed for a tiny percentage of the population on some of the world’s most developed and advanced countries, and those existing users could just perform the most basic of functions: calling. Now, over 80% of mobile devices have Short Message Service (SMS), and many have Inte...[Read More]

American Netflix on Blu-ray Players Outside USA 1

Netflix is arguably the most famous multimedia streaming center of the cyber world. It has the biggest library of available files for streaming, including new and classic movies, the hottest series of the moment, documentaries, short films, and many more features. Founded in 1997 as a rental company for films and series, it changed the way it did business in 2007 when they began working with onlin...[Read More]

Bypass School Internet Security Restrictions 2

Most modern schools have access to computers and related devices. In recent times, it is a must for educational institutions to have these machines up and running, because they are necessary to impart several lessons and subjects. Classes and lessons have become highly digital and interactive, and personal computers with Internet access are now part of the learning process of students at different...[Read More]

watch CBC outside Canada

One of Canada’s most beloved broadcasting networks over the years has been CBC, which is short for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. This group of channels is quickly approaching the century mark when it comes to years active, and it is still one of the first choices for the Canadians. It provides different kinds of shows: entertainment, sports debate shows and games, news, movies, TV serie...[Read More]

download Pirate Bay torrents anonymously

The Internet is a beautiful place. It allows you to browse the web freely, watch and read the latest news around the world and watch live games, TV series, movies, podcasts and other features via online streaming, not to mention that it lets the world connect and communicate via email and many social media outlets. But on top of all that, users can share all kinds of files thanks to the Internet, ...[Read More]

Change PSN PlayStation Region

One of the biggest entertainment devices and networks in the whole planet, Play Station has changed the way people play in consoles throughout the years, just as Nintendo and the Xbox, to name the most famous devices. Play Station Store, better known as PS Store around the globe, has many games, apps and features available for download or use, but the specific goods it has to offer to the clientel...[Read More]

Netflix on Smart TV outside USA

Netflix has become arguably the most famous and sought online streaming multimedia company in the United States of America, with its fame and services extending to several places worldwide. Thousands of movies from all genres, the hottest TV series, and the finest documental features are available in this outlet. You just have to get a paid subscription and select your favorite content to enjoy th...[Read More]

unblock UK TV channels from abroad

The United Kingdom is one of the most culturally rich countries in the world. The British have contributed music, traditions, food, desserts, movies and many other things, and TV is one of those things. A crucial one. Many British people living abroad miss the shows and programs they used to watch back home. They grew up enjoying them, and since there are so many of them living in other countries,...[Read More]

Hide IP Address on Kodi

Anonymity while browsing the web is a significant gift, one that users have begun to notice and, consequently, search. Not only can webpages track your data, traffic, and personal information just by looking at elements such as your IP address and location, but also annoying advertising messages can appear everywhere you watch on your computer if you have specific settings activated. This anonymit...[Read More]

Opera VPN 1

Last year, Opera, the Norwegian company famous for its web browser, released a Opera VPN client for the Android and iOS operative systems. The app is completely free and represents a very valuable initiative that is rarely seen from companies like these. They’re not the first to do it, but they are surely one of the few free VPNs that come from the hand of a respectable brand, something that was v...[Read More]

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