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Ali is a freelance journalist with 5 years of experience in web journalism and marketing. He contributes to various online publications. With a master degree, now he combines his passions for writing about internet security and technology. When he is not working, he loves traveling and playing games.

ISPs Collecting Your Metadata – VPNs have Become Necessary

Australian ISPs are now officially required to record and collect all of their customers’ metadata, alongside the telecommunications companies, and this includes several types of information: Name, date of birth, address, email and any other information that could help identify the owner of an account. Communication details: The way of communicating (SMS, voice, email, forum, chats, social m...[Read More]

Nintendo Switch – Do I Need A VPN

Another new incarnation of the Nintendo consoles, and 7th in line, at that, has appeared recently and many of the loyal fans that grew up on games like Mario Kart and Zelda were astounded by this news. The new console, called The Nintendo Switch, aims to blur the lines that many have found between mobile and traditional gaming. It was released in the beginning of last month, on March 3rd, to be pr...[Read More]

WebRTC VPN “Bug” and How to Fix It

Two years ago, early in 2015, Firefox and Chrome decided to introduce a new feature for their browsers and called it WebRTC. This “feature” turned out to be nothing less than a spy add-on that permits every website you visit to scan and record your real IP address, and not even the use of a VPN can protect you from this. WebRTC WebRTC is short for a Web Real-Time Communication, and it&...[Read More]

Save Private Photos from Hackers

You might have heard of an incident from 2014 where the nude photos of more than 100 celebrities and public figures have leaked and were posted online by hackers who has either hacked Apple’s iCloud or managed to guess all of their security questions and managed to access their accounts. This incident has got a lot of people worried about their own safety and privacy, and since no one wants ...[Read More]

Guide to Tracking and Watching YouTube Channels Anonymously

In the recent period, mostly during the last month, many corporation’s ads have been airing on YouTube videos that were considered distasteful and contained hateful opinions, extremist and racist content and alike. The companies whose ads aired during these videos include Verizon, Volkswagen, AT&T, Coca-Cola and many more. Many of these companies decided to remove their ads in fear of be...[Read More]

China Blocked VPNs – A Detailed Solution Here!

Not all of the world countries allow access to same online content, and as you might be aware, China is one of the ones that take their censorship very seriously. Many of the websites are blocked in China, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and even Google+. The list doesn’t stop there, though, but it’s too long, so we decided not to list them all. So, if you’d like to work fr...[Read More]

How to Secure Your Bitcoins and Prevent Irrecoverable Wallet Loss

The introduction of a Bitcoin online currency has made life easier for many people, since it’s like a private Swiss bank account that fits any one of your pockets, and it can be as anonymous as using the regular cash. The trouble is that you’re the only one responsible for it, and there’s nobody else to protect it but you. There are many things that could happen and damage your w...[Read More]

Can Posting Selfies Online Get You Hacked?

When it comes to selfies, it’s important to realize just how wildly popular this trend has become. It’s believed that over half of all the men between 18 and 24 have been known to take selfies and a lot more than half of all the women of the same age. It’s pretty astounding when you think about it, just how much we enjoy taking a picture of ourselves. But, of course, simply takin...[Read More]

What Would you Give for Free Wi-Fi? Probably More Than You Think

When most people go about their usual business, every now and then they look at their phone and see a free WiFi that was left unlocked. Most will then immediately proceed to connect to the network, not thinking twice about it. Most will then be robbed of their personal information from their social media, emails, online shopping, and even online banking. Public networks are a dangerous place and a...[Read More]

How Your Household Items Could Be Spying On Your “Everything”

In this day and age, where every other item in your house has an internet connection, microphone, speaker, camera and GPS, it’s really easy for anyone from hackers to your own government to spy on you and your activities. The ever-growing IoT (Internet of Things) is making this a regular part of our lives, We wanted to make sure that you fully understand the dangers of having all of this spy...[Read More]

Hide Your IP to Stop Your ISP from Spying On You

If you’re reading this, you’ve obviously decided that you’re not safe enough with your online signature and data flow exposed for everyone to see, and you’ve decided to take steps and protect yourself. Great idea! You’ve come to the right place, and we’ll be happy to help you and explain what methods can you use and recommend the best options. First that you nee...[Read More]

Tips to Prevent Being Tracked

Nobody wants their privacy invaded, and the whole point of the internet is anonymity and privacy itself. As time goes by, we’re slowly being cheated of our privacy, and little by little not only are we losing it, it’s also being shared around and even sold to major corporations. And let’s not forget the hackers and other cyber criminals that might want to track your activities wh...[Read More]

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