How to Hack Netflix – Brand New Tips and Tricks!

Netflix is getting better and better, partly thanks to billions of dollars spent on original content that can’t be viewed anywhere else (unless you want to use Popcorn Time or Torrenting). The website has great shows like Luke Cage and now the Defenders, new shoes like Ozarks which attempts to be another breaking bad–and even brand new original movies. Suffice to say, it’s probably the best ...[Read More]

How to Watch the US Open Live from Anywhere in the World

The US Open Tennis Championship is almost upon us, with the beginning set to be on August 28th. This is the fourth Grand Slam of this year, and it is set at Flushing Meadows, NY, USA. Of course, the fans around the world can barely wait for the games to start, and excitement is ever-growing. Naturally, several streaming channels will broadcast the US Open in multiple countries around the world. Th...[Read More]

What are the Best Alternatives to Popcorn Time?

Popcorn Time is one of the best ways to watch movies conveniently. The app works like a P2P software streamer, letting you stream movie torrent files directly instead of having to download them into a BitTorrent app and then watch it. It’s sort of like Netflix for torrenters. Simply download the software, click on a movie you want to watch, and it’ll start streaming the torrent file. As with all P...[Read More]

How to Watch 2017 Women’s Rugby World Cup from Anywhere in the World

The time of the Women’s Rugby World Cup’s fans has finally arrived, and the games of 2017 have already started. As many already know, the Cup is taking place in Ireland. The games have started on August 9th, and they will last for about a week more, until August 26th. The fans from the UK are watching the games right now on their IT, and the excitement is as high as always. However, th...[Read More]

How to Watch Ballers Season 3 Outside of USA

The popular TV show ‘Ballers’ is back, and its third season has had fans around the world excited for every new episode. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has returned, and this HBO show is leaving fans out of breath with every new episode once again. The premiere of the new season was on July 23rd, and it is available on HBO Now and HBO GO, just like every other episode that came ...[Read More]

Learn to Use Torrents Securely in the Philippines

We all use torrents. There’s nothing new about it. The only difference is how easy or safe it is to download content via torrents in your region. There are countries like the US that have stringent laws to protect digital piracy and that come down really hard on defaulters. On the other hand, there are countries that have a more liberal attitude towards torrenting. Philippines is a country that li...[Read More]

Best VPNs for Project Free TV

Project Free TV is a website that brings together all free TV channels into one location for ease of access. Not only does it do that, but most of the shows offered are taken from the best free sites with most of the shows people love. It is easy to find the shows on Project Free TV as it has an interface that is easy to use without problems. For most users who rely on Project Free TV, using a VPN...[Read More]

Learn How to listen to 8Tracks outside USA or Canada

If you were a fan of 8Tracks, or are considering using this music service, you might have realized that it is only available in the United States and Canada. Previously, it was available in a lot of places around the world. This changed with the introduction of geographical restrictions with the United States and Canada getting preferential treatment. Luckily, lovers of this music streaming servic...[Read More]

Watch International Champions Cup 2017 for Free

Football fans are getting more and more excited about this year’s International Champions Cup. Fans from around the world have been waiting for months to enjoy the games, and the chance to see their favorites win. Chelsea, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Barcelona, and Tottenham are only some of the major clubs that will participate, which guarantees an enormous audience. The tournament itse...[Read More]

How to Watch Attack on Titan Online

There are many things that make Attack on Titan one of the most popular anime of all time. It is brutal and often heartbreaking, and the story is amazing, with as many plot twists as Game of Thrones. Not only that, but when you combine it with the art, music, and the idea itself, you truly have a masterpiece of an anime. The only problem is that fans had to wait for years until the season two afte...[Read More]

How to Use VPN for Watching PlayStation Vue

If you too belong to the group of people that are fed up with cable programming and wish to cut the cord, we have a great alternative for you. PlayStation Vue is its name, and it is the best way to make a return to satellite providers. You can even modify it with a VPN and get the most out of it, which is what we are here to explain today. By using this method, you will easily stream over 45 diffe...[Read More]

Learn how to Stream Best UK TV Series from Abroad

If you have developed an interest in UK TV shows, the bad news is that you can’t access them. That is, you can’t if you live outside of the UK. This is a country that has some channels and programs of extremely high quality. They know it, and they guard them strongly. However, where there’s a will, there’s a way, and the internet has found a way. Simply keep reading, and by...[Read More]

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