How to Use TorGuard VPN with Netflix

The Netflix proxy error has been alive and well since the beginning of 2016, when Reed Hastings decided to put a stop to proxy users getting around licensed geo-restrictions. Previously, all a user had to do was use any proxy or VPN (that gave good enough speeds) to change their IP to a US IP to get the US library of content. Now in 2017, it’s not that simple. The good news is that it seems ...[Read More]

How to Watch the Season 5 of Vikings Online from Anywhere with VPN

Some people enjoy reading a book for pleasure. Others like to play sports and exercise in their free time. But the majority of people looking for entertainment options choose to go to the Internet for online streaming, or just turning the TV on and watching a movie, a TV series, or any show to fight boredom and gain a little relaxation. Watching TV series is one of the most popular habits of human...[Read More]

Football Live Online

Football is a one of a kind game. It is, by far, the most popular sport in planet Earth, with thousands of millions of fans around the world enamored with this discipline that requires strength, speed, precision, tactical awareness, determination, and technique. People enjoy playing the sport because it requires you to be alert at all times and is a fantastic exercise to maintain your body in top ...[Read More]

Install Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV is a free service that functions like an online library, where you can search mainly movies, TV series and other shows aired on the most famous TV channels. In some ways, it has similar features and characteristics than other alternatives for online entertainment, like Kodi and Pop Corn Time. One of the best things you can get if you install the Terrarium TV app on an Android, iOS, Fi...[Read More]

French TV outside France

The world, especially Europe, is filled with French people working abroad, many of them living in other countries for several years, away from their land, family, friends, and culture. The latter is one of the elements that people from France miss the most: the food, the arts, the filming industry, the desserts, the landscape, the cities, museums, monuments, and much more. An essential part of the...[Read More]

Install Kodi on Firestick Without a Computer

Kodi is a streamer’s best friend. It is software of the open source variety, which means that the community is continually looking for improvements and add-ons to make it better than it already is. The function of Kodi is to play and view streaming media, such as podcasts, movies, series, documentaries, talk shows, live games, online channels, and much more. We are talking about a multi-plat...[Read More]

watch British TV in Malta 1

Malta is one of the smallest independent states of the world, with just under 500,000 people and a total area of 316 km2. However, while small in size, it is very stable both politically and financially, making it a great place to live or go on a vacation trip. The country was under the British reign until the sixties, when it signed off its Independence Act. It has Maltese and English as its offi...[Read More]

Watch Cricket Live Online

Sports inspire passion around the globe. The thrill of rooting for your team under every circumstance and scenario is something else. For some people, sports and games are more than life itself, and they move a massive amount of fans around the world. Some of the most popular competitions at the international level are football, baseball, basketball, boxing, motor racing, horse racing, tennis, and...[Read More]

Watch SyFy Outside the USA

As avid entertainment fans, we want to have full Access to any channel, page, and service that provides us just that. Science, sports, action, fiction, horror, drama, we want to be able to watch every kind of content at the moment we want, and in the device we want, be it a personal computer, tablet, iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, or any other. In the specific case of SyFy, fans have access to it can e...[Read More]

How to Watch EPIX Outside the USA

The wave of video on demand options on the Internet is deeply related to the world’s need for entertainment and leisure options. After all, our everyday life is so agitated and fast-paced that we need time to relax with a good movie, a sitcom, or a fascinating documentary. Understanding the people’s need and providing entertainment solutions to get people out of boredom motivated the l...[Read More]

get an Irish IP address

As Internet users, we usually need to access a specific website, one that may be in our geographical zone or is restricted to residents of a particular country. For example, many online streaming services provide their content to citizens of the United States of America, or people that are physically in the said nation at that moment, but will block requests from users and individuals out of the U...[Read More]

Top 5 Best VPNs for Project Free TV

If you’re not familiar with it, Project Free TV is a website that offers a service of free online television. It achieves this by linking or embedding online TV streams that are hosted on other websites. As a result, people can stream the shows they love in a single hub, as opposed to having to look for the specific hosting website of every show. The main issue that most people face with this serv...[Read More]

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