What is a Good VPN for Pirating?


Choosing a good VPN for pirating is essential since you need to ensure your IP won’t leak, your speeds won’t be affected, and it’s easy to use.  In this guide, we will help you choose the best VPN for pirating so you can not only have a good torrenting experience but a safe one as well.

Keep in mind we are making this guide since some VPNs like Tunnelbear or other free VPNs like Cyberghost, Hide.Me and more DON’T work with torrenting.

What is a good VPN for pirating?

My first recommendation would be TorGuard VPN since they include a proxy with their VPN subscription that is easy to integrate with any BitTorrent client automatically. TorGuard is also very fast with torrenting, and they don’t log any of your traffic so if you download something you aren’t supposed to, no one will know!

TorGuard Good for Pirating?

What is a Good VPN for Pirating?

Some other reasons why TorGuard is good for pirating is that it has IP leak protection to ensure your IP doesn’t look, a VPN kill switch, so it shuts your BitTorrent app if your VPN happens to disconnect, and tons of other features we’ve noted in our TorGuard review.

To use TorGuard’s BitTorrent proxy, you just navigate to the proxy settings, enter in your purchased login credentials and every time you torrent; you stay anonymous since you are using a different IP that can’t be traced back to you!

However, if you want to stay even safer while pirating, you should use the VPN part of TorGuard since this encrypts all of your Internet traffic so your ISP won’t know you are using P2P traffic (in some cases they throttle your traffic, or in countries where P2P is illegal or strict, you need to use VPN to hide your torrent traffic).

Private Internet Access Good for Pirating?

What is a Good VPN for Pirating?

Another good VPN for pirating is Private Internet Access. They have fast speeds, good torrent compatibility, a free BitTorrent proxy, and they are super cheap. We don’t like them as much as TorGuard, and they have a lower rating in the Private Internet Access review, but it’s a suitable beginner VPN for torrenting that shouldn’t give you any issues.

Both TorGuard and Private Internet Access work for torrenting on mobile and PC, so even if you want to torrent on something like an Android phone or a Mac, you will encounter no issues!

Best Websites for Pirating?

My favorite site is ThePirateBay, but here are some good ones as well that should work for any form of media or app you are pirating.

Spark has a simple mission to help you chose the best VPN without any bias. Which VPN do I use? See it here!

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