HideIpVPN Gives Up Netflix Fight

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If you’ve been using HideIPVPN with Netflix, dark times may be ahead. Recently HideIPVPN announced on their blog that Netflix is no longer available through VPN or their Smart DNS feature.

In their blog post, HideIPVPN announces their defeat. “We are truly sorry to bring you bad news, but we need, to be honest with all of you. So… here it goes – Netflix is not working through our Smart DNS service or any of our VPN servers. After Netflix opened to new markets all around the world, it announced that it will now actively fight with all VPN service providers. It was true to its word. In recent weeks Netflix became more and more aggressive, and new servers we have been trying to supply you with were quickly blocked (sometimes few hours after start).”

We’ve been covering this issue since January of 2016, and we’ve recommended many VPNs from that time to now. Since then we’ve talked to many VPN customers, potential users, and VPN provider customer support agents themselves on how they are tackling the issue.

After a consideration of every VPN provider and their solutions, we’ve come away with one sure thing–that it’s not easy to put up the fight against Netflix when they want to block proxy and VPN access. Netflix has billions of dollars at their disposal, and they are using many methods to block and blacklist IP after IP even by the best VPN providers. So it’s not a big surprise to us that HideIPVPN, one of the smaller VPN providers out there–can no longer dedicate resources to VPN use with Netflix.

To take some of the  sting away from their announcement, they explained that “they are sure that you will be able to find alternatives to “international” Netflix in other VOD services (there is still plenty you can use via VPN or Smart DNS) or on the internet in general.” To an extent, this is true. There are other services you can use besides Netflix with a VPN. We wrote about Netflix alternatives here.

If you still want to use VPN with Netflix but have given up on HideIPVPN, we do have some working solutions. These VPN providers have enough resources to work with Netflix, even if it takes considerable manpower and dedicated resources on their side.

VPNs that Work with Netflix in July 2016

 VPN Provider
Price Per Month
Review Rating
HideIpVPN Gives Up Netflix Fight $10

HideIpVPN Gives Up Netflix Fight Read Review

  • 256-Bit AES encryption
  • Stealth Proxy + Stealth VPN
  • IP Leak protection features
Visit TorGuard
 HideIpVPN Gives Up Netflix Fight $12.95 HideIpVPN Gives Up Netflix Fight

Read Review

  • Unlimited Speeds
  • User-friendly applications
  • Live chat support
Visit ExpressVPN


Both TorGuard and ExpressVPN are working with Netflix. TorGuard has been working longer, but ExpressVPN has finally created their workarounds to the issue as well. Both TorGuard and ExpressVPN require you to talk to live chat to get help.

TorGuard has been selling a lot of dedicated IPs for an extra charge, but we’ve heard users have been having great success with these. We outlined what a dedicated IP is here.  They also have some other easy solutions like some servers that automatically connect and work with Netflix.

ExpressVPN has similar solutions since it hands out servers to you based on location. From here, it’s easy to connect to servers and watch Netflix.

Keep in mind that with both of these VPNs there can be some small downtime with their working Netflix servers. As you’ve seen with HideIPVPN, it’s tough to access Netflix with VPN at all since they have been so aggressive. However, with a little patience, both of these services can you get ample Netflix stream time with more improvements to come in the future.

Check out this article for more details on how to access Netflix with ExpressVPN. This article reveals some more information on how to access Netflix with TorGuard. However remember, visit their websites and talk to their live chat for full support on the issue.

Visit ExpressVPN Visit TorGuard



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