Watch Netflix with a VPN in 2016


Netflix has been pushing forward their VPN block more and more in the last few months. Fortunately, we made a list of a good portion of VPNs that don’t work, as well as those that do. This guide will help you watch Netflix with a VPN in 2016.

But, even the best VPN providers that are currently supporting users who want to access Netflix with a VPN are having difficulties. If you’re impatient and don’t want to have to check in with your VPN provider’s live chat every time your IP gets blocked, you ought to consider purchasing a dedicated IP.  We made a list of VPNs that sell dedicated IPs.

A dedicated IP is an IP address that you don’t share with users. It is much harder for Netflix to block these since they don’t see a significant number of users sharing IP address to bypass Netflix VPN blocks. However, even if you’re using a dedicated IP, Netflix CAN still find out and block it. However, some VPN providers will give you new ones without any hassle at all. Namely, TorGuard VPN–one of the VPNs we’ve found to fight actively against the VPN block.

This guide will outline two methods. One method is to access Netflix with TorGuard VPN using a PPTP connection with a shared dedicated IP address. TorGuard has designed this method this way since PPTP is good for streaming.

By talking to TorGuard live chat, you will receive an address that continually refreshes IPs if an IP gets blacklisted by Netflix. This method is very reliable and free (it’s also very fast to use PPTP), but since Netflix is being so aggressive with IP blocks, there might be small downtimes while TorGuard’s team refreshes banned IPs. The best way is to use a dedicated IP address.

Dedicated IP addresses are unique to you, which means that Netflix has a harder time blacklisting these IP addresses. If you’re looking to use this method, all you have to do is talk to TorGuard live chat and buy your chosen dedicated IP address, then plug it into their client.

Since they have a new dedicated IP address feature, it’s relatively easy. Even though you bought a dedicated IP, you can use still use PPTP by entering in your new IP address the same way, or use TorGuard’s viscosity client. Or if you want you can also just use the connection to load the video, then turn off the connection once the video queues up and starts playing. You only need a proxy connection like PPTP to bypass the Netflix proxy error.

Video guide for both methods:

That’s it! If you need help getting Netflix to work, or just have questions about VPNs, come on over to our forums. 


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