What is a Good Torrentz.Eu Alternative?

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Torrentz was one of the best torrent search engines on the web. With the website, you could search for indexed torrents from most of the major torrent websites. As of 2012, and 2015, is was the second most popular torrent website following The Pirate Bay.

So now in 2017, and the coming 2018 year, which websites are you suppose to use in place of Torrentz? Well, we’ve compiled some of the best websites that work as Torrentz alternatives around the web. Most of these websites can provide you with some awesome torrent downloads and media files.

Now, if you try to visit the websites Torrentz.eu, you’ll find that you can’t search anything–rather, it glitches, and that there is a message that says “Torrentz will always love you. Farewell.” Torrentz ran for 13 years, and it serviced millions and millions of torrents to users around the world.

Additionally, we’ve picked out some great other alternatives to popular apps in a few other articles listed below:

What is a torrent?

A torrent is any type of file such as a movie, song, game or app, sent through the BitTorrent protocol. The file is incomplete during transmission and this is why it is referred to as a torrent.  What differentiates it from regular downloads is that the file is downloaded from different servers at the same time.

In case you are wondering what you can benefit from torrenting, I will share a few of the numerous benefits:

  • Torrent offers you free WiFi
  • You’ve got to be on a movie spree-You won’t have to pay Netflix a dime!
  • You can download the complete season of your favorite series at once.
  • Torrent downloads High Speed.
  • Cable TVs are fast getting outdated

Many times, people asked me if using torrent is illegal and safe.  My response remains the same always: Torrent itself isn’t illegal, but downloading unsanctioned copyrighted material can get you into trouble.  Just so you know, if you are using torrent, you are most likely been monitored.  And sadly, it is not vividly stated, which content is legal and which isn’t.

Evading copyright bullies

So, without your knowing, you can find yourself on the wrong side of the law, with justice on your trail.  If you are caught illegally downloading forbidden sites, you may kiss your freedom goodbye, because the copyright trolls monitoring the BitTorrent network can take legal action or issue you a settlement letter.

You should take note that the law does not condone the violation of copyright restrictions. I personally would have requested that you please consider the law, victims, and the risks piracy before downloading copyrighted material without permission. But like I said, delineating what is acceptable from what isn’t is not explicitly stated. So, how can you tell when you are flouting the law?

You may think of the crime as purchasing illegal drugs or selling them.  The penalties can be unreasonably high and the campaign against torrents is in fact, just getting started.

What’s more annoying is the sporadic attacks of the so called copyright trolls.  Their job is to hunt you down if you are found guilty of downloading copyrighted content through your IP address.  They can approach you and compel you to sign a deal that lets them take legal action on your behalf.

Hunting you down could be via mail, email or even knocking at your door and handle out settlement letters, which are not even legally binding injunctions.  These copyright trolls exercise their authority by using fear and intimidation to make torrents pay without being tried.

A known strategy is to frighten their culprits with a lawsuit charge of $100,000, only to request for about $2,000 in their mysterious settlement letter.

To avoid all these brouhahas, I always recommend a VPN – Virtual Private Network, to keep your internet activities away from prying eyes and the so called copyright trolls. You don’t want to risk getting bullied, do you?

Website Like Torrentz – Torrentz2.eu

What is a Good Torrentz.Eu Alternative?

While Torrentz did shut down, thankfully there is a clone that almost works the same way. That clone is Torrentz2.eu.

Sure, some functionality is gone like the ability to comment, or like things, and some indexed files might be messed up, but you can still find some good torrents on the website.

The site reads “Torrentz.eu was a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine combining results from dozens of search engines, Torrentz2.eu is trying to replace it”.

The site reportedly has “61,109,366 torrents from 250,754,415 pages on 83 domains” at the time of writing.

Other Torrentz Alternatives?

If you don’t want to use the Torrentz clone, Torrentz2.eu, you have a few other torrent websites and options out there. Unfortunately, a lot of them are a bit weak in terms of content and functionality. I will only list the best alternatives to Torrentz below.

The Pirate Bay –  Good Torrentz Alternative?

What is a Good Torrentz.Eu Alternative?

ThePiratebay is one of the oldest and most popular torrent sites around. It’s not so much torrent aggregation or a search engine, but rather just a huge torrent site with its own library. This is always my #1 go to for torrent downloads. You can find HD movies, games, files, and all sorts of files. The site also has limited ads and it’s easy to know where to click. Most files are also moderated, but every once in awhile you could download something tricky (as per normal on the internet) so watch out for .exe files.

RARBG – Good Torrentz Alternative?

What is a Good Torrentz.Eu Alternative?

RARBG is another good torrent site. Perhaps not as popular as ThePirateBay, but still good in its own right due to a minimalist interface that makes the website easy to search and use. The website has a decent collection of files, and if I can’t find something on ThePirateBay or through searching on Torrentz2.eu, this is a good place to go.

1337x – Good Torrentz Alternative?

What is a Good Torrentz.Eu Alternative?

Finally the last recommend alternative to the original torrentz, if this website called 1337x. Sometimes the website address changes, like the other suggestions, but it’s always easy to find this website due to its weird name. It’s easy to use with tons of icons that lead you to various categories, and the color scheme is inviting after using other sites that feel more old school. Sometimes there’s “wrong” things to click on here, like image files that redirect you somewhere random, but the torrents are decent and in good quality.

Other Recommendations to Stay safe with torrents…

I did mention that using torrents expose you to scrutiny or privacy invasion, thereby placing your privacy at great risk.  Copyright trolls and ISPs can trace your IP address, which will most likely result in hefty fines or lawsuits.

The only way to keep your internet activities private is through the use of a torrent VPN.  A VPN makes you anonymous and shields your real IP address from prying eyes when you download torrents.

Not all VPNs are suitable for torrenting.  If you want to keep your internet activity hidden from your Internet Service Provider and other copyright trolls,  you should choose a VPN that doesn’t store a record of your activities,  isn’t based in a country where privacy rights are not protected-where the legal system can be used to demand customer record and one which won’t  slow down streaming content.  I personally recommend TorGuard – you can’t go wrong on this VPN.

TorGuard also offers unlimited speeds and bandwidths, guards your email against man in the middle attacks, unlimited server switching, and works from any browser and lots more.  Most interestingly, it guarantees you a cash-back policy within seven days if satisfaction is not met.

Torrent was shut down for unknown reasons but here, I have compiled a list of ten alternatives to satisfy your cravings of P2P file sharing. All hope isn’t lost just yet. These ten alternatives will provide you with the same flavor as your Torrentz.

  • Lime Torrents. Just like its cousin torrent, it doesn’t host any torrent files and acts more like a search engine. You can also get your favorite torrent from the magnet links this alternative offers.
  • Extra Torrent. You can find all your favorite torrents on this website. I should also let you know that this alternative to Torrentz has built its fans over the years.  So, it isn’t out of place to join the number.
  • Isohunt. Here is another Juggernaut which has been engulfed in a legal fracas with MPAA and agreed to pay $110 million as a settlement.  Like its sister, Private Bay, the website is back up and running.  This torrent indexing website provides a large variety of torrents from different categories. Although it has a different domain name, the quality still persists and can be used as an alternative
  • Popcorn Time. Unlike the Juggernauts, you cannot download torrent on this website but can stream your favorite shows or movies directly. Nevertheless, it remains a commendable option to Torrentz. Like a torrent file, this website works on BitTorrent protocol and turns the large streaming files into smaller sections.  This will allow you enjoy fast streaming, minimize buffering and watch your videos in HD quality.
  • Mininova. If you are a lover of games, books, music and other forms of entertainment, then you can’t go wrong on this Torrent website. I personally love to recommend this for family use because Mininova strives to keep the website clean and does not permit submission involving obscene content.
  • Demonoid. This website is an awesome alternative to look for torrent files of movies, shows, music albums, comics, audio books, pictures and much more. This Torrent alternative has a distinctive feature to upload files but you will need to get registered before uploading.
  • Ru Tracker. Although this Russian torrent website is blocked in its home country, it can be assessed with the use of a VPN service.  If you reside anywhere outside Russia, this website is a commendable Torrents alternative.
  • YourBittorrent. This torrent website is as old as Torrents itself but was under the name MyBittorent.  This new brand, YourBittorent was formed in 2009. As a great alternative, it offers you torrents for movies, shows, games, eBooks, software and much more.
  • This torrent website offers an illustrious library and is quite easy to use.  All latest TV shows and movies can be found on Zoogle.

You would never have expected these much as options, right?  Now that the longest standing website is now addressed in the past tense, you can still get so much more from the listed alternatives.  You can download them from anywhere in the world.  Hey!  Don’t forget to install TorGuard VPN service.  Stay active, stay private.

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